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Rooms Directory

From V8.4.6 the Door Tablet Web UI makes it easy to organise your spaces using a multi-level directory. The directory allows you to define a path for every space in the form of a "Directory Path". Your spaces are then easily viewed in those paths. Associating spaces with 'Directory Paths' servers helps administrators in large enterprises locate space and has no impact on the operation of Door Tablet.

For example, if you wish to mark the spaces for an office in San Diego, the path could be like this:

    • USA\CA\San Diego
Or for spaces in Cambridge UK, in building 3:
    • EU\UK\Cambridge\Building 3

To access the directory:

When you first open the directory it will be empty. To start associating spaces with a "Directory Path", open a meeting space or desk and edit the path:

Door Tablet will show you the Directory like so:

The display allows you to easily open the space location, or the Neighborhoods it is part of:

For example, clicking on Desks 02 opens the following:

Inserting Directory Paths to a group of spaces in "one go"
Door Tablet allows you to easily select a group of spaces, meeting spaces or desks, and assign a path to them. The path may be based on existing path, in part or in full. To use the tool, select spaces and then click on "Directory Path":

The following pop-up shows:

Click on "Set Directory Path" to apply the new path. Note: a space can only have one path so any application of paths overwrites old paths.