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Enable access OLD

By now you would have:
  1. Created resources such as rooms and desks. See Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Create Resources'
  2. Enabled API access to your resources. See Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Enable API Access'
  3. Prepared your preferred authentication method. For 2-legged see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document '2-legged Authentication' and for 3-legged see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document '3-legged Authentication'

You are now ready for the final step.

Enabling Security between the Calendar API and your Room Resources
Login to the Admin console of Google Apps for Business (, then click on Security:

Expand the options and click on "Advanced settings":

Authorise the Google Calendar API to access your Resource Calendars:

You need two data items:
  1. The CLIENT ID from the Service Account
  2. The API scopes listed here:

Copy the above and add a comma to separate them, like so,,

As you can see, Gmail is also included in the authorisation. This is so Door Tablet can use your Gmail to send email messages about various events such as check-in reminders.

Create an Account user
This user is required for sharing. Create the user and make a note of the email address, it will be required in the:
  1. Door Tablet server system profile
  2. Calendar Sharing in Google Calendar
Open the Google Apps for Business dashboard
Click on Users

Click on "Add user":

Note: we have used the name dt_service but you can have any unique name you like. No need to set password or additional info.
The email address showing here, in this case, will be required by Door Tablet, marked as item 3 (at the very end of this document).

Sharing Calendars with an Account User
In this step we will need to create a user in the Google Workspace and allow it to share each of the Calendars. Before we do this we need to include all the Calendars in the administrator calendar. Follow these steps:

Open your Calendar (as Administrator)

Prepare to add the Resources Calendars

Look for "Browse resources"

Click on Resources for your Domain name

You will need to Subscribe to each Resource

Share the Calendars you have Subscribed to
  1. Go back to your Calendar and all the Resources will be shown as Additional Calendars
  2. You will now need to set each to share to the dt_service email address

Sharing the Calendar

After you share, each of your Meeting Room Resources will become visible to Door Tablet.

In this section you have completed preparing Google Workspace for use by Door Tablet. You are now in possession of three items:
  1. The Service Account EMAIL ADDRESS
  2. The Google Service Account email address
  3. The P12 file with your private key.
You are now ready to proceed with Door Tablet server configuration