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Register NFC tags

Once RFID/NFC is enabled on the Door Tablet AIO device, you can start registering cards on the system. You may also use NFC to login to a server on a Door Tablet client. For this purpose the NFC code is added to the normal list of codes in the system profile, as follows:

To find your NFC card ID you will need to scan it using the reader in the Door Tablet AIO. You may also read it by any other device that supports NFC.
Note: In the above you can also see that you may globally allow NFC self registration.

Registering NFC cards by Admin
In order to make use of NFC functionality in Door Tablet, NFC tags must be registered on the system. The process of registration results in User IDs that are then attached to various functions performed at the display. As an administrator you may register cards one by one but when you have thousands of users you are likely to offer users to "Self Register" on the system. To register an NFC tag by admin, touch "Register NFC":

The registration form will then appear, inviting you to touch the NFC reader on the device:

When the card is available for registration, the NFC symbols will turn green and the NFC tag ID will show:

Note: the Self Registration for end users is similar but the Tag ID will not show, neither will the registration be instantly approved.

Fill the details and touch on Add User:

If a tag is already registered the following will show:

Impact of Registration
When you or users register NFC tags/cards, these are saved to the Door Tablet admin database.

And user Joe Blogs looks like the following: