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ePaper Introduction

From V10.10.0 Door Tablet offers ePaper displays. The name of the sub system is Door Tablet EPS. EPS stands for E Paper System.

About ePaper displays
The technology allows us to provide signage that is low cost to deploy and maintain. Pros and cons:

  • Pro: no wires
  • Pro: low power usage
  • Pro: lower cost of deployment and ownership
  • Pro: fully integrated with Door Tablet
  • Con: not interactive
  • Con: not very colourful
  • Con: limited branding
  • Con: limited updates

Our ePaper displays use three colours:

Red is used when a space is currently in use by schedule.

These displays come in two forms:

Door Tablet EP4 - 4" display

Currently showing a busy desk.

Door Tablet EP7 - 7" display

Currently showing a busy room.

Supported layouts
The Door Tablet EPS will display the following layout on both the above units:
  1. Single Room
  2. Hot Desks
  3. Personal signage
  4. With QR code for Mobile integration

Power supply
The devices are powered by batteries which may last up to a year, depending on usage. The EP4 requires 4 batteries while the EP7 requires 6 batteries. Battery type: CR2450

VIDEO: Using the Door Tablet EPS Controller