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Newsletter 2017

1 Website relaunches with Door Tablet School

In the three years since Door Tablet entered the digital signage market, product development has seen our core software grow through eight version upgrades – many of them accompanied by new hardware capabilities and all of them recorded faithfully on an increasingly busy home page. Our new, streamlined look reflects an enterprise that has grown from being a local business in the United Kingdom to a truly global company with a growing community of clients of all sizes.

The new website is much easier to navigate. It is divided clearly into sections that review the benefits as distinct from the product features, and with more obvious connections to the wider world: the Twitter feed we launched earlier in the year, a client page that reflects the company’s expansion into world-class status, and a library of instructional videos we call Door Tablet School.

Key features
After years of development and hundreds of discussions with clients and prospects about their needs and expectations of software like Door Tablet, we have compiled a list of dozens of video titles. Serving as a library of the most pressing FAQs, the list with which we are launching the new website looks like this:
  • Using the Demo Server
  • Basic App features
  • Connecting to Your Own Server and Setting Up Auto Resume
  • Installing the Door Tablet Server
  • Connecting to Office 365
  • Using the Quotation Tool
  • Steps for Becoming a Reseller
  • Selling Door Tablet
  • Accessing Wayfinding Displays

2 Door Tablet Product Update

The words “summer” and “holiday” may go easily together, but life has been busier than ever over recent months for the Door Tablet development team.  In addition to revamping our website and launching our new library of training videos (see above), we have been hard at work on improving the Door Tablet software itself.  Users will notice several visual improvements to the Web Users Interface, while less obvious but still important refinements have been effected in responding to some major new client acquisitions. We have:
  • Created a new, hardened version of the operating system (v8.2.8) based upon wired networking which, in eliminating either cloud-based or Wi-Fi-based communication for selected users, renders internal networks secure against outside interference;
  • Introduced new features for meeting participants, including name displays – available now on Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Google G Suite but not yet for IBM Domino;
  • Enabled the display of meeting agendae – involving the temporary over-writing of meeting room status data or corporate branding; and
  • Improved the Auto Resume function – to retry the resumption process that may have been interrupted by network congestion or some other network fault. We see this as being such a helpful addition that we have dedicated one of the launch videos in our new Door Tablet School instructional series to this very topic.

3 Check out our new presentations

Interested in getting to the nub of the business benefits of buying Door Tablet, but you don’t have the time to wade through all the techno-speak? Or maybe you have the opposite problem: you are fascinated by what has gone into making Door Tablet a deserved market leader among software products for meeting rooms digital signage, but you just want to understand the workings without wading through all the marketing lingo?

We have picked up on the main reasons why our online visitors flip through our presentation slide deck. We recognise the two very distinct inspirations that drive them, and have now separated our explanatory slide deck into two different versions. Click here if you are interested in the business case; for a technical review of the product, click here.

4 Calling all resellers: join us in spreading Door Tablet’s success

Since the high-profile impact of Door Tablet at ISE2017 earlier this year, we have been recruiting resellers interested in participating in our growing success story. Among the three dozen enquiries we fielded in Amsterdam, seven have already signed up to our Reseller terms, and third-party sales negotiations are already well underway in the Netherlands, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, and the Middle East – in addition, of course, to the fast-growing client community within our home base of the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for Door Tablet, contact us.

5 Updated online tool makes Quotations easier

It has always been almost as easy to buy Door Tablet as it is to run Door Tablet. After our most recent upgrade of our online Quotation Tool, the process has become even easier.

Once registered online with your own User Name and Password, you can access the dynamic online tool, review all our software and hardware prices, calculate your costs based upon your requirements, and then email yourself a quotation that stands as our formal quote, good for 30 days. Currencies are given in American dollars, British pounds sterling, or in Euros. Prices are available for hardware beyond our choice of tablet options, to include prices for wayfinding displays and motion sensors.

As an additional feature for approved resellers, discounts are shown and automatically calculated for both Door Tablet software and for hardware purchases. And for anyone who hasn’t yet registered and sees that as a hurdle, don’t worry. If you can e-mail us a clear idea of your requirements, we will be happy to register you ourselves, build your quotation for you and email it to you with the same 30-day hold on price.

6 Doing the business for Government

Among a series of profile and news features with which we are getting our message out to the wider world, this past summer saw Door Tablet making something of a splash in the UK community of buyers in central and local government. With an advertisement and online profile in Government Business magazine, we reached 23,000 specialist readers with a simple question: “Are you getting the best out of your meeting room facilities?”

Four key points in addressing this question have emerged from successful installations all over the world: not just in government facilities but across a range of business and academic settings, including secondary and further education, healthcare, financial services and technology enterprise. We see these four points as our “Meeting Room Grand Slam”:
  1. You want a meeting room signage solution that is easy to install and run;
  2. It needs to be robust and capable of integrating with a variety of hardware systems and software solutions;
  3. It needs to be cost-effective, however many software licenses are involved, but capable of scaling rapidly when business growth demands it; and
  4. It should present your business as an exemplar for operational excellence, inspiring equally to your employees and to external visitors.
The message for the UK public sector in general, and for the readers of Government Business magazine in particular, is simple:

Get the most out of your investment in your meeting spaces. Present a business face that is focused on peak performance.

We are now an official supplier on G-Cloud 9. 

See us here.

7 Follow Door Tablet on Twitter

Among the hundreds of people signed up for newsletters and product updates on Door Tablet, the news is spreading that one of the best ways to keep up with developments in the world of digital signage and the Internet of Things is to follow us on Twitter.

Of course, we tweet about our own news: just in the last few months we have informed readers about several product fixes and new version releases, various security enhancements, and the creation of substantial services such as EZConfig, which allows for the rapid and simple deployment of our software across far-flung business locations.

But we see our software as a service in the widest strategic sense, and Door Tablet is becoming a thought leader in noting and commenting upon what makes “smart buildings” smart, and how optimised meeting efficiency and business connectedness are increasingly defining the switched-on business of the future. Stories we have highlighted include alerts about upcoming conference and exhibition events, market forecasts on sales and investment in the world of IoT, news of developments in R&D, and commentaries on progress in understanding the measurement and analysis of smart building performance.