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System Setup

When you first obtain the App, you can immediately use the meeting spaces but it won't be secure as it won't limit the use to specific IP addresses. You don't have to use the system set-up until you want to refine your installation. If you want to make ad-hoc bookings, you need to create a meetings owner. Without an access key code, everyone who has the address of the server can open the Door Tablet database.

Please note: if you are setting a "Meeting Centre", the notes.ini files tasks need to be updated to run: RnRMgr,Calconn,Sched

This is how the system set-up looks in the Notes Client database:

If you don't license your installation, the display will change and say that the software is under evaluation, although it will still work. You can obtain a license by contacting sales at

To protect access to your calendar and schedules, Door Tablet provides an IP based control, as you can see here:


  1. With a wild card, you can authorise a range of tablets in one go
  2. Door Tablet will log failed IP verification which you can use this to verify that you have provided the correct IP address
  3. You cannot edit the IP addresses on the tablet application.
Setting Assistance
Please click here for how to get assistance Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'System Setup'
Hours ahead: you can set how many hours in advance you can see meetings on a TV display or at the door level.

Branding and Welcome display styling
Door Tablet allows you to store information in CSS on how to display welcome screens:

Example Styling
You can copy this style code if you wish:

Windows Store App
If you use the Door Tablet Windows Store App please note:
  1. Any reference to images must be absolute to the Door Tablet server. The means that your reference to images would look like so: "background-image: url(;"
  2. Fonts cannot be added as described here but rather be embedded in the application, by us. This service is chargeable