One Stop Doctors

The Clinical Problem

Room privacy is vital in a health care setting.  The last thing any clinician or patient wants is to have someone thoughtlessly enter a room in the middle of a consultation or examination.  Their heartfelt apology of "Sorry! I didn't realise the room was busy!" simply does not compensate for the embarrassment and stress caused.

Now imagine you run a state-of-the-art private diagnostics and treatment clinic.  Your consulting rooms are specially designed to provide maximum privacy levels, which means they are sound-proofed and absent any windows or door-portholes.  How can others know if such a consulting room is busy or empty?

One Stop Doctors, a pioneering clinic north of London faced this very dilemma and set this challenge for our team: how can the Door Tablet system accurately tell us if a room is occupied or empty?

Clearly, staff need to know if a particular room is being used - however if they can neither hear any sounds coming from behind the closed door, nor see any figures in the room, it is not easy.  Also, they need to be very careful about simply knocking on the door or entering the room to find out.

The standard digital signage solutions on the outside of the room might certainly help, but traditional systems merely tell people if a room should  be free (based on a schedule) not whether it is free or not.

The Treatment

The solution came thanks to the integration of our motion sensors into Door Tablet's system for managing meeting room bookings.  Installing motion sensors into the consulting room ceilings enabled our discreet devices to signal to the Door Tablet system whether a room is being used or not, based on detecting movements within that room. 

This information can then be displayed on Door Tablet screens outside the room and appropriate privacy messages given, e.g. "In Use - Do Not Disturb" or "In Use - Please Knock" etc.  Importantly, these messages are always up to date since they are based on a continuous analysis of what is actually happening within the room.

Adding this innovative functionality to Door Tablet's already extensive room management capabilities was just what the doctor ordered for One Stop Doctors.  Together, we achieved a world-first in addressing the challenges of consultation room privacy. 

Acoording to the clinic's IT Director, "The installation was easy and straightforward, and the effects both immediate and transformational. 

"Door Tablet's solution fitted in instantly: easy in terms of staff training, and a professional-looking solution in all of the 18 consulting rooms involved," he reports.

Beyond solving the privacy issue, Door Tablet helped One Stop Doctors efficiently manage all their rooms and workspaces.  "In these first few months since installation, we have seen room occupancy rates increase by 75% while administration distraction in managing our room bookings has eased up considerably.  We are so happy with this solution that we even put a story about it in our internal newsletter!" 

Door Tablet Company CTO, Avi Tchiprout, was pleased that the clinic had chosen a privacy solution that is effective but also fits in perfectly with One Stop Doctors elegantly crafted service proposition.  In addition, he sees it as pointing a valuable way forward for healthcare generally. 

"Healthcare as a service industry is becoming more responsive to the needs of all its stakeholders: patients, customers, visitors and indeed its employees," Avi says, "Comfort and discretion are vital ingredients of world-class health service delivery, and we are happy to have found in One Stop Doctors a clinical service provider with such a commitment to innovation and to finding new and better ways of designing the care settings of the future."

How Can We Help You?

If you run a healthcare facility, then Door Tablet offers you the following benefits:
  • Privacy in rooms
  • Integration with the existing scheduling infrastructure 
  • Increased efficiency in utilizing rooms and spaces 
  • Messaging on the display deviced when rooms not in use 
  • Multi-room schedule displays 
  • Wayfinding displays 
  • Web-browser Floor Plan with real-time usage exposure for head nurse or receptionist
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