One Stop Doctors

A case study in being world first

3 March 2017

Here’s the problem. You are a facilities manager in a high-end, elegantly designed health clinic and every decision you take in the planning of your facilities has to reflect your clinic’s dedication to patient comfort, safety and, critically, privacy. So how will this play out with your consultation rooms, designed to be sound-proof and without any windows?

People may need to know who’s inside but they can’t see or hear anything, and must be careful about knocking and entering. Digital signage on the outside of the room will help, but information on occupancy may not be 100% reliable.

Working with Door Tablet, a pioneering clinic north of London has found the answer.

One Stop Doctors is a state-of-the-art private diagnostics and treatment clinic, built to a high spec for comfort and efficiency and offering a comprehensive range of accessible outpatient healthcare services, delivered in a discreet setting in one convenient location.

The first of what is planned to be a series of such clinics in and around London was opened last year in Hemel Hempstead, and it was to this flagship location that the Door Tablet team went in November to talk with the clinic’s IT Director Gavin Megnauth about an optimal solution for the effective and discreet management of its consultation room appointments.

The answer involved the integration of motion sensors with Door Tablet’s world-leading product for managing meeting room bookings. The integration of the sensors with the management software devised by Door Tablet’s CTO Avi Tchiprout provided the ideal solution as well as something of a world first in addressing the challenges of consultation room discretion.

Installed in the consulting room ceilings and placed on the clinic’s internal network, the motion sensors alert the Door Tablet system as to when to check-in to meetings and cancel meetings in rooms that are left empty over a certain amount of time – that time being set at the discretion of the clinic’s facilities team. And according to Gavin, the installation was easy and straightforward, and the effect both immediate and transformational.

“Door Tablet’s solution fitted in instantly: easy in terms of staff training, and a professional-looking solution in all of the 18 consulting rooms involved,” he reports. “In just these first few months since installation, we have seen room occupancy rates increase by 75% while administration distraction in managing our room bookings has eased up considerably. We are so happy with this solution that we even put a story about it in our internal newsletter!”

Door Tablet sales director Tam McDonald is pleased that the clinic has found a solution that is effective but also fits in perfectly with its elegantly crafted service proposition. In addition, he sees it as pointing a valuable way forward for healthcare generally.

“Healthcare as a service industry is becoming more responsive to the needs of all its stakeholders: patients, customers, visitors and indeed its employees,” Tam says. “Comfort and discretion are vital ingredients of world-class health service delivery, and we are happy to have found in One Stop Doctors a clinical service provider with such a commitment to innovation and to finding new and better ways of designing the care settings of the future.”
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