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Interact with our LIVE Door Tablet demo system. Get a clear idea of what Door Tablet can offer in terms of room booking and workspace management.

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Don't know where to start?

We're excited for you to see the templates we've cooked up for you, but don't forget, all the Door Tablet themes are fully customisable and can be set up to have any of the following options: translation into any of 50 languages on screen language switcher check-in deadline integration with sensors the ability to extend or terminate meetings booking from the tablet information on the number of attendants


This is our unmodified, out of the box Door Tablet theme. Vanilla efficiently displays data and allows users to identify a room's availability from a distance.

Ideal use case: Corporate


Night is a dark theme using an analog clock and the agenda is displayed on the right instead of the left.

Ideal use case: Corporate


Events displays a limited amount of information making it a good theme for an event or conference venue. Use it on a small tablet at the door of each room or disable the buttons and use it on a large TV in a public area.

Ideal use case: Corporate, Education


This theme uses animated bars and lines, moving across the screen.

Ideal use case: Corporate, Education


This is another dark theme with a black base to the background. Plume stands out due to the colour changing plume which indicates room status. 

Ideal use case: Corporate


Oasis is a more colour-neutral theme based on Metallic. It features a curved design which stays the same colour regardless of room status.

Ideal use case: CorporateHospitality, Medical, Education


Bold is a colourful yet neutral theme that stands out.

Ideal use case: CorporateHospitality

Cosmic Waves

This theme features colourful waves and all white text, regardless of room status. The labels have also been translated to French.

Ideal use case: Corporate, Education, Hospitality


Countryside stands out with a custom background of rolling hills, showing that any image can be made into a background. The labels are in Arabic and is right-aligned.

Ideal use case: CorporateHospitality

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