Streamline access control and room booking with Door Tablet dormakaba exivo integration. Security, function, and style in one seamless solution Anonymousprnt::Y
Door Tablet meeting room displays and dormakaba integration

Access Control

Door Tablet + dormakaba exivo

Room schedule displays integrated with Access Control

Door Tablet and dormakaba have integrated technologies to provide a powerful access control and meeting room booking solution. Security, function, and visual appeal are the foundation of Door Tablet and dormakaba's integration. Solution architects, builders, designers and end users benefit from a seamless experience, with little to no admin.

Features include:

  • Use dormakaba hardware when performing Door Tablet tasks, such as booking a space, or checking-in
  • Allow access to protected spaces during times the space is booked, by a specific user
  • Card free unlocking from within a space, using Door Tablet PIN.  Allow door opening without RFID hardware
  • Remote opening of spaces

When booking a secure resource, such as a private room, editing suite, a lab or simulator room, only those related to the booking may gain access. Admin staff will also require access, so we cater for them too.

Door Tablet and Exivo combine for a powerful solution for access control with interactive signage, providing an efficient way to manage access rights around the clock. dormakaba offers a unique range of contactless access control readers, smart door locks and cylinders that allow employees and guests secure access.

Control physical access to rooms, spaces and areas based on schedule.

Door Tablet meeting room display with Dormakaba access control integration

Benefits of dormakaba exivo with Door Tablet:

  • Easy assignment of access rights – just click or swipe
  • Fixed monthly costs with no hidden surprises
  • High standard of security and data protection
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • No costly server/IT infrastructure required.  Exivo is a cloud base solution
  • Free choice of media – access with card, key fob, smart key or mobile phone
  • Automatic system updates
  • Lost keys and handing over physical keys become a thing of the past
  • RFID-free hardware using PIN for ID

Door Tablet Dormakaba Integration

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Door Tablet dormakaba integration offers a unique link between the Door Tablet signage system and the dormakaba Access Control system. The integration offers return on investment on the dormakaba system by facilitating additional features.

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