DT Standard interface (DTSI)

Doot Tablet will connect to any web server that implements responses as defined by the Door Tablet Standard Interface, known as DTSI.  This allows you to implement a connection to any system which can be accessed by a Web Server and respond with JSON formatted results.  There are only four HTTP calls that need implementing in order for Door Tablet to fully integrate with your system.
You can implement DTSI fully (four calls) or read-only (two calls).  We do not need to understand or ever see your system as long as it complies with the simple DTSI definitions.  DTSI definitions and how to implement it.

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Other Architectures

clients clients clients clients ASDas DT admin ews
DTSI Responding Server
You define rooms in your private scheduling system, make reservations and have these shown in Door Tablet
Door Tablet Server
The Door Tablet server allows you to connect to your DTSI responding web server.
Door Tablet connect to your web server to retrive room information, schedules and book reservations
Door Tablet Clients
Use a variety of clients to connect to the Door Tablet Server. Use Android tablets, Apple iPads tablets or Microsoft Surface tablets. You can also use any modern browser on any display to connect as a client to the server. Use large TV screens to greet guests and display a room group schedule
Use a web browser to to administer the Door Tablet server, control tablet functionality and branding at room level and perform all admin functions