Door Tablet and Intel Unite integration

Door Tablet provides integration with Intel Unite.  We support the following versions:
  1. Intel Unite 3.3
  2. Intel Unite 4 and up

What is the Intel Unite solution, and what does it solve?

Modern business is fast-paced and demanding, with particular challenges arising from the need for efficiently run meetings. Technology designed to make things easier can actually complicate life, with disparate devices and complex conferencing solutions making effective collaboration seem like an impossible dream.

Intel Unite is a content-sharing software application that provides a fast, simple, and cost-efficient way to deliver a more secure and more manageable collaboration experience. It requires no additional licensing fees, and no training.

It works seamlessly with existing technologies, while integrating a wide range of devices, operating systems, and business plugins. Screen and file sharing makes the meeting equally accessible to people in the room and to those attending from afar.

Meetings that had once seemed a niggling nightmare become inspiring, and far more productive. In short, business becomes fun.

What does the Door Tablet integration provide?

The Door Tablet system mainly operates outside your meeting spaces while the Intel Unite system operates inside your meeting rooms. 

With an engaging system such as Intel Unite, participants are often immersed in their collaborative work and forget how quickly time flies by, it is therefore a common situation that participants reach the end of meetings without having covered the agenda or having had the time to agree follow-on actions. 

To avoid this problem, Door Tablet communicates with participants as the meeting progresses by displaying schedule status during the progress of the meeting.  For example, participants will be informed that the meeting has reached the half way mark, or highlight that the meeting is about to end . . . but without the ability to extend if another meeting is booked to follow on immediately.

The following meeting milestones are used:
  • Show meeting start details
  • Alert if meeting not checked in
  • Warn before meeting ends
  • Show progress halfway
  • Show progress 3/4 way
  • Show the approaching end of meetings
See Door Tablet on the Intel Unite App Showcase

How does it work?

The integration of Door Tablet with Intel Unite is enabled via the Door Tablet App on the end-point, communicating with the Intel Unite Hub inside the room.  In turn, the Intel Unite Hub is enabled with either the plugin for version 3.3 or a Module for version 4. 

Intel Unite 4 has dramatically increased the functionality from previous versions and, as it develops in the future, Door Tablet will be keeping pace, adding more features and greater functionality to our module as time goes by.

New for Intel Unite 4

The Door Tablet module can do much more with Intel Unite 4.  We are adding features that further assist users to engage and collaborate when using Intel Unite 4.  These features will address power management and further interactions with Door Tablet, right from the Intel Unite Hub.

Leveraging the power of Door Tablet

The Door Tablet platform connects to a wide range of scheduling platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Domino and IWMS systems such as Axxerion.  As a result, the addition of Door Tablet immediately expands the horizons of Intel Unite, bringing thousands of potential users of such platforms into its collaborative environment.

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