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Door Tablet BOOKER - Powerful & Intuitive Hot Desking Solution

Hot Desk floor plan

Our Hot Desking solution is designed to benefit both administrators and end users. Available separate from our Room Booking Software.

What it Does

An important resource management addition; Door Tablet BOOKER is a simple yet powerful Hot Desking solution for your Hybrid Workforce. Available as a cloud based webpage, it enables users to seamlessly book a place to work. Looking to work from the office tomorrow? Reserve desks or other flexible spaces with intuitive interfaces. Allow your business to scale down by offering desk booking. 

How it Works

Flexible Interfaces

A broad selection of interfaces enables you to obtain information in the exact format you need

Hot desk floor plan
Floor Plan View
A visual representation of your workspaces. Shows a snapshot during the working day and offers direct booking, avatars of people who booked desks and an easy way to see the desk status.
Hot desk time bars
Time Bar View
Utilizing time bars, this interface displays the bookings for the entire day, providing clarity on the specific times when the space is occupied.
Hot desk calendar view
Calendar view
See your bookings in a calendar format. When a booking is made, Door Tablet sends an email with an ICS file, making it easy to insert the reservation into a personal calendar.

Booking as easy as 1 2 3

Smart and intuitive desk booking for both yourself and others with double-booking prevention features

Hot Desk booking
Book in a few taps
Move the mouse over desks to instantly view their booking status. Touch free time bars or empty desks to book.
Hot desk booking
No double booking ever
When you attempt to book your space, BOOKER will verify that you are not booked elsewhere.
Hot desk booking
Manage your team
Users are easily searchable on the Door Tablet server allowing you to reserve desks instantly. When booking for others, BOOKER will verify that the user is not currently booked elsewhere.
Hot desk booking
No time complications
With BOOKER, its easy to reserve a desk. By default, a user may reserve for: Morning/ Afternoon/ Whole day. If you wish to allow visitors to book shorter periods, we recommend allocating a few desks that are non-bookable. BOOKER allows for this.
Hot desk booking
Customise with user profiles
Users may view and amend account details and change basic information such as the language they wish to use or their avatar. Utilise hot desks in a comfortable and familiar manner.


Downsizing is not just a popular movie featuring the magnificent Good Will Hun.. – We mean, Matt Damon. Downsizing refers to companies getting rid of space that is unused in this new flexi-work era. The introduction of hot desks is one avenue along which a business can downsize and prevent wasting space and money now that a significant portion of the workforce is working remotely.

Many businesses no longer have to cater to the full workforce on a daily basis. At any given time, how much of your workforce is in the office?
In a ‘22 UK study, almost 20% of respondents stated they will continue working from home permanently. This translates to 20 percent of the office space automatically becoming redundant. Another 29% stated they would, if allowed, work from home 3 to 4 days a week. So almost 50 percent of the workforce is WFH more often than they are in the office. (See study here.)

This opens the door to downsizing.
Offering hot desks so people can come in when they need to, and therefore getting rid of the space that remains unused. Businesses no longer have be able to host the full workforce on a daily basis, so why keep the space?

We highly stress that this move should be discussed and organized with the workforce prior to making the switch. “Take the pulse” of your staff members’ work needs. Ask them if this would work for them, if they could work in such an environment. If agreed, downsizing becomes a viable option. Find the average percentage of staff members in the office per day, and organize hot desks accordingly.

More benefits with Door Tablet Hot Desks

Integrated with the Door Tablet system
Does NOT require representation in your scheduling system (MS 365, Exchange, Google Workspace or others)
Provides means to import your desks from CSV files
Fully administered using the Door Tablet Web UI
Provides full control over where users can book
Handles different time zones
Book for AM, PM or whole day
Occupancy level controls
Allows admins to set who can book for others
Allows viewing and booking of teams
Provides a variety of interfaces - Time Bars, Floor Plans, Calendars
Allows for blocked desks and dedicated desks
Translated to 15 languages
Allows for end users to upload their avatars, and change their language
Shows avatars in both Floor Plans and Time Bars
Provides easy navigation between allowed areas
Provides an easy floor plan editor
Sends email confirmations regarding bookings and cancellations
Provides help page to guide users how to use the system
Integrates to your ID management using SAML
Modify and brand the interface to a high degree