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Save Time and Money with Door Tablet

Compared to manual meeting room management, Door Tablet Room Booking is considerably more economical in the short and long term.

ROI with Door Tablet

Time is money. Rooms cost money. Don't waste precious time managing rooms

In the United States there are 11 million meetings on average each day, most lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Management spend around a third to half their time in meetings, employees around a fifth. That’s a lot of time and a lot of money being spent on meetings! In fact, most organizations spend 7-15% of their personnel resources on meetings.

Rooms cost money. You have to buy or rent them. Heat and cool them. Furnish and repair them. Clean them, equip them etc. And they cost all that money regardless of whether you use them efficiently or not...

By using Door Tablet to optimize workspace management and audit their use, you get the most value out of every workspace

There’s no point paying for a meeting room if no one meets in it, or a huddle space where no one huddles, or a “hot desk” that has gone cold… Door Tablet will get the right people into the right workspace at the right time at the lowest cost in terms of time and money. See here for more information on our room booking solution. 

In this article:

  1. The Costs of Manual Room Booking
  2. Value and Efficiency
  3. The Benefits of Door Tablet
  4. Why Choose Door Tablet over all the other Systems?

The Costs of Manual Room Booking

Some companies still do workspace booking the “old fashioned” ways. Either employees do it themselves or companies get an office manager to sort it all out – and let’s face it, who really wants to waste their precious time sorting out rooms?

If you imagine each employee spends just 60 minutes a week manually booking rooms or wandering along corridors (perhaps with a client) looking for empty rooms, then the annual cost to the company if they have 250 employees on $40k a year working for 48 weeks would be $83,000.

One 2010 study suggested business professionals spend 4.75 hours a week arranging meetings, so that would mean an annual cost of over $360,000 to the company.

Some companies recognize that employees find room booking frustrating and wasteful, and so delegate the task to their office managers instead. Time is still wasted in this manner as employees must spend time liaising with office managers rather than getting ahead to the task at hand.

If an office manager being paid $40k per year and spends just 90 minutes each day managing workspace bookings, the company will be spending at least $630 per month per office manager for the service. Also, that office manager could be using their time to do something productive instead!

And the ultimate kicker is that both these expensive manual systems just don’t work that well: emails, sticky notes, memos, phone calls and messages ping back and forth endlessly. Rooms get double booked. The wrong rooms get booked. The right equipment isn’t in the room. People turn up at the wrong time or at the wrong room. The room isn’t booked for long enough. Some people turn up at the right time at the right room, but the meeting had been cancelled. And no one can find an empty room when they need one…

Consider the fact that if five employees paid $240 an hour have to waste 15 minutes outside an occupied meeting room waiting for it become free, then the cost to the company is $300! And that cost is for just one delayed meeting for only five people on one single occasion!

And then there’s other major commercial considerations such as room security, identifying attendees and auditing room use, etc.

The overt financial costs of poor workspace management are therefore made up of:

  • Each employee’s time spent sorting out workspaces
  • Paying someone to sort out workspaces when they could do something else
  • Lost productivity
  • Wasteful meetings (double booked, cancelled, starting late, curtailed as room is needed by others etc.)

The hidden financial costs are:

  • Reputational damage
  • Lost deals and opportunities

You can have a massive “Sales and Marketing” budget but no prospective client arriving at your workplace will be impressed if you cannot find a room in which to meet them. Some clients will not be prepared, or be able, to hang around and wait for you to get your act together - how much money would that lost meeting cost your company?

You don’t want your workers to find room booking a hassle and get fed up with meetings that always seem to go awry. A simple and effective room management system such as Door Tablet will boost productivity and morale.

It’s not only about the money and lost opportunities

Value and Efficiency

Adding Value

Door Tablet not only saves money on workspace booking, it adds value with comprehensive workspace analytics powered by Universal Analytics and our amazing workspace signage and Wayfinding services.

Beyond analytics and a deeper understanding of workspace usage, the Door Tablet system looks good on your walls, and solves issues related to misused or underutilized resources.

Efficient Workspace Management

We want to make your life easy and save you money. Now is the time to invest in the best, most secure and stable Workspace Management system there is - Door Tablet.

Door Tablet optimises the use of meeting rooms, hot desks, huddle spaces and booths. Not only that, Wayfinding and overview displays guide people along the way. Door Tablet enhances the way you work with no new technology to learn - so there’s no need to spend money and time on staff training. They will know how to use Door Tablet intuitively.

The Benefits of Door Tablet

You can read about all our great software and hardware features here these are the highlights:

An employee can:

  • Instantly book any workspace from anywhere at any time using any device
  • Use the scheduling software with which they are already familiar

An administrator can:

  • authorize who can book what workspace and when
  • access analytics of workspace usage, attendees, meeting metrics etc.

Interactive workspace display devices by workspaces enable employees to:

  • View meetings
  • View next meeting
  • Reserve room
  • Check-ins
  • Check-in reminders
  • Extend meeting
  • Terminate meeting
  • View other rooms and meetings
  • View facilities
  • Reserve other rooms

Optional Wayfinding services to your own large display screens in communal areas will automatically generate:

  • Cluster display - interactive room time bars
  • Schedule display - room time bars (read only)
  • Floor plans
  • Airport display
  • Welcome messaging
  • Slideshows

Why Choose Door Tablet over all the other Systems?

Other than it works brilliantly, there are five main reasons:

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • System analytics 


We built our system with security in mind, not as a mere afterthought. Door Tablet runs on your premises or in your private cloud, so you have complete security control of the system. We do not have access to customer’s data at all.

Different users can be allocated different booking privileges via room PIN passcodes. Door Tablet can restrict room entry for room security depending on authentication and authorization. Rooms can be unlocked by PIN passcode or RFID. We offer “hardened” versions of our devices so no one can gain physical access to them via ports or interfaces.

A booking system that can be hacked is a potential commercial disaster for any company - don’t risk it!


There is no point in having a secure, comprehensive workspace management system if it is full of glitches or keeps failing. Every system failure will cost you money, damage your reputation and reduce morale.

Our help desk is available to you but you will rarely need it. We are proud that Door Tablet always works like it should with 99.9% uptime.

You cannot afford to buy a system that is unreliable; Door Tablet software is rock-solid stable


Door Tablet software integrates seamlessly with your scheduling system: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suite, HCL Domino and others. Employees can quickly book a workspace with the click of a button using the scheduling software with which they are already familiar. All our interactive display layouts and functionality are intuitive to use.

You will not have to waste money on extensive staff training to use Door Tablet. We also offer a comprehensive range of “How to” videos in our Door Tablet School library.

You do not need to change the way you already work


Because Door Tablet is device and software agnostic, you are not tied to any technology.

Easily change your scheduling software or display devices. Add or remove hardware devices as needed. If you relocate, simply take the whole Door Tablet system with you. If you have your own display panels in place, there is no need to change them.

As your company grows and expands, so will Door Tablet

System Analytics 

Door Tablet interfaces with Google Universal Analytics. No need to waste time and money creating your own analytic system or rely on generic efforts.

This gives you the power to make the workspace management changes needed to increase workspace and meeting efficiency, saving you time and money.

Take the example of a company with five meeting rooms, and reports indicates that Room 3 is barely used. A simple explanation may be that the company only needs four rooms, and it can release or repurpose room 3 for big cost savings. However, the reports do indicate there is sufficient demand for Room 3 since the other four rooms are under great pressure. The problem therefore must lie with Room 3 itself and this is what you can investigate…

Analytics will also reveal the problems with meetings themselves. Are they routinely overrunning? Underattended? Always being cancelled? Over too quickly - suggesting perhaps they were never needed? This knowledge gives you the power to change things and save costs.

Use the power of Google Analytics, combined with Door Tablet, to deeply understand how your workspaces are being used

But wait! Here are even more reasons to invest in Door Tablet that do not begin with the letter “S”…

Use Your Existing Display Devices

No need to buy new equipment if you are happy with the hardware you already have. Door Tablet will work with them.

Our Own Purpose-built Display Devices Work “Out of the Box”

Door Tablet offers a curated range of well valued, purpose-built display devices.


Door Tablet offers full customization to fit your brand and enhance your corporate messaging.

VIDEO: Getting started with branding

Wayfinding Services

Low cost purchase of a small device enables Wayfinding Services on your existing communal display panels. No need to buy a stand-alone software system or replace displays to direct people to the right workspaces.

VIDEO: Wayfinding displays

Low Energy Costs

Door Tablet enables reduction of power consumption in all our devices. Displays can go completely to sleep when not needed, meaning your corridors will not be wastefully lit up at night. Control the power consumption of your display devices from anywhere and at any time. Switch off screens, put them into power saving modes, and wake them up as required - automatically. Additionally, we can supply our own devices without unnecessary power supplies. This reduces the materials used for manufacturing (including plastic and metal) and the cost to you.

Evaluate - Try Before You Buy

We offer a no-cost, risk-free, no obligation trial of our software. We will even supply hardware that you can return within 30 days for a full refund. We can offer all this because we are so confident that once you use Door Tablet you won’t want to send it back.

See our rather thrilling use case with our dating-app client, Plenty of Fish, here.  

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