Industry use case


How schools and universities  benefit with Door Tablet solutions

Door Tablet provides several schools and universities with digital schedule signage. 
Displays are placed outside rooms and areas, and integrate natively with the academic or corporate scheduling system.

Easily and Clearly indicate room status outside classrooms or meeting rooms.
Fully customize your display to provide:

  • Current event & room status
  • Daily schedule (optional)
  • Custom feeds for digital signage
  • Automatic sleep mode for nights and weekends

Academic settings often require use of:

  1. Door Tablet room displays with RFID identity management - Administration only
  2. Door Tablet Wayfinding Info displays
  3. Integration with access control systems for unlocking doors

Door Tablet integrates with academic scheduling systems using one of our API's. Using Door Tablet Standard Interface (DTSI), Door Tablet will connect to any web server that implements responses as defined by DTSI. This allows you to implement a connection to any system which can be accessed by a Web Server and respond with JSON formatted results. There are only four HTTP calls that need implementing in order for Door Tablet to fully integrate with your system.


Faculty and staff alone have credentials to check-in or check-out of the room, indicating the meeting or class is now in session.
Signage outside classrooms often displays:
  • the name of the professor or lecturer
  • the subject of the lesson
  • forthcoming events in the room throughout the day
  • academic messaging via digital signage feeds such as
    • ​events
    • news
    • weather
    • school messaging 

Wayfinding info displays - integrated with Google Maps

Using Door Tablet Wayfinding displays around campus, students and faculty have the ability to present their personalised ID card and immediately get an overview of their schedule throughout the day, the location of their lessons, and using Google Maps, the option to map out their way to the correct location. Wayfinding info displays can even show bus routes via Google maps to rooms in buildings that are not on the main campus.

Access Control

When class is not in session, many public facilities keep the rooms and lecture halls securely locked. Access is therefore based on precise schedule. With integrations to top access control systems, Door Tablet ensures rooms are not accessible outside of the administration's preferred hours.