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Your Brand,
Your Door Tablet!

Door Tablet provides a complete solution for smarter meeting rooms

Made for you

Choose from a variety of beautiful existing templates, or create your own. Easily add your own logo, choose colours, backgrounds, fonts and lexicon to make your displays a natural part of your working environment. Upload custom slide shows or digital signage to utilize the displays for any purpose.

Why brand your displays?

Branding your scheduling displays makes Door Tablet a natural part of your working environment. It communicates to employees and visitors alike your company culture.

Door Tablet is easy to customise to accurately reflect your brand and identity in every corner of the facility. Hide or reveal buttons, even customise the data shown on your room booking displays. See here for more on our room booking capabilities. 

Unleash your creativity by branding Door Tablet

Door Tablet is built for a variety of different settings, from offices to hotels, healthcare settings and universities.

Examples of branding offered:

Use Door Tablet on any type of room

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms are the most common use case for Door Tablet and we have several templates available for this use case.

Events & Training Venues

A completely editable template for those who only need to display a particular set of details such as the current event and the room name.


The education template focuses on use cases suited to Universities & Schools.


The healthcare template is ideal for doctor's offices, hospitals and consultation rooms. The room status can be automatically indicated by in-room motion sensors thus automating room access.

Advantages of branding on the Door Tablet system:

Easy to modify, Effective to use


At Door Tablet we empower our customers to deploy a customised system in both looks and configuration with power and precision.

No coding required

Door Tablet is built from the ground up to offer power of configuration, with no coding required.

Brand identity

By deploying your own company’s brand, the workspace naturally imbibes the values and identity you choose.


The power is in your hands to customise the visuals and customise the data you display.

See how you can make Door Tablet yours by speaking to our team.