User Features

Room Display - interactive
View meetings
View next meeting
Reserve room
Check-in reminders
Extend meeting
Terminate meeting
View other rooms and meetings
View facilities
Reserve other rooms
Multi Language support
Language Switcher + sticky
Assistance request and silent summons
In/Out Room display types
Speaker support (end meeting reminders)
NFC functions on AIO
NFC Self Registration on AIO
Auto Resume
Fully Branded
URL invocable
Wayfinding Displays - Interactive
Applies to: Floor-plan, Cluster
Use architectural map or time bars
Reserve room
Extend meeting
Terminate meeting
Floor plan switching
Assistance request
NFC functions on AIO
Auto Resume
Fully Branded
Wayfinding Displays - Non-interactive
Applies to: Schedule, Airport, Slideshow, Welcome
Auto Resume
Fully Branded
URL invocable
Motion Sensors Features
Auto Check-in
Auto meeting termination
Active state for un-booked rooms
Connects on all client platforms
In-Room speakers
Bluetooth connection
Signals meeting progress and end

Admin Features

Room synch with scheduling system
Room Display setup
Neighbourhood setup
Translations and text labels
Slide show editor
Floor plan editor
Branding setup
Manages all behaviour rules
Licensing management
Users and NFC accounts imports
NFC usage control
Connectivity management
Wayfinding Controls
Wayfinding Arrows
Room Photos and Maps
Digital Signage Invocation
Client and server logging
Enhance Reservations

System Features

Server and Administration
Browser-based management
On-premises and private Cloud
Proxy to scheduling system
Central configuration management
Connects to a range of scheduling system
Provides remote-device monitoring
Remote application restart and device reboot
Interface to Google Universal Analytics
Transaction Logging
Automated failover switching
Windows Service
Client App
Native App for Android
Native App for iOS Tablets
Native App for Windows Store Tablets
App for Windows 10
Browser App
App-Store managed
Local install management for AIO and SSSP
Door Tablet AIO Hardware
Google Android based (5.1.1)
LED lights
Wired or WiFi networking
Includes wall mounting, including glass
NFC reader built-in
In-wall option
Remote APK Update
Remote OS Update
Remote Reboot
Sleep timers
Door Tablet ABX Hardware
Google Android based (5.1.1)
Supports single/multiple display
Wired networking
Remote controlled
Runs same software as Door Tablet AIO
Easy to attach to display
Motion Sensors Hardware
Networked using PoE, Wi-Fi, or Wired
Room controller not required
Up to 7-metre (23-feet) sensing
Ceiling embedded
Connects to client app on all operating systems
Proactive status
Configured using Mini USB cable

Features as of V8.1.5, 1 April 2017