Ensure a safe return to the office with Door Tablet Room Booking and Workspace Management. Anonymousprnt::Y

Future of Workspace

Ensure a Safe Return to the Office with Door Tablet Workspace Management

Our Safe Return to the Office solutions combine our room booking solutions with hybrid work and health sensoring to help workplace leaders design the right space for their teams.

We understand the many complications involved in re-opening the office safely and catering to the new needs that have arisen alongside the hybrid working system. In order to help you set your business up appropriately to cover both safety and flexibility, Door Tablet has developed a Safe Return to the Office solution.
Our health sensors, Hot desking solution (“BOOKER”) and our Door Tablet room booking and scheduling software combine to provide you and your staff with the safety and flexibility required to ensure the people are looked after on all levels.

What will the new office look like?

There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when looking to upgrade your workspace environment to accommodate the necessary changes. People’s work needs are changing, your company is changing. We cannot expect the 2019 office to still fit today’s staff working needs.

During the past 2 years, there were a lot of changes in the way people work and collaborate.

(70%) of companies plan to adopt a hybrid work model, while 20% will return to a predominately office-based set-up. More companies are trying to accommodate both, people who want to be fully remote as well as those who choose to ascribe to the hybrid model.

(70%) of staff desire a hybrid working style after the pandemic is over. However, people who are thinking of coming to the office a few days per week to work have different expectations for the office environment because their needs and perspectives have changed.  

(39%) of people from the UK want updates about IAQ
40% of people from the UK want information about building occupancy levels
46% of people from the UK want accessible flexible space options (e.g. hot desks, offices, conference rooms, shared common areas).

Building the right office environment takes time

We can see that people are increasingly focused on their health and flexibility when it comes to returning to the office and want their employers to hear these needs and take action.

Based on this, we are aware that designing the right office environment takes consideration and time. Our solutions combined together can not only offer your staff the best experience in the office environment but can also help facility managers, hybrid or standard, manage the space and make decisions more efficiently. 

Our Health sensors, BOOKER and our standard Door Tablet software combine to provide you and your staff with a new experience for the new workspace environment. See how we tackle both health and flexibility below.

Health sensors:

As of August 2021, all UK schools are to receive CO2 sensors to aid in the prevention of Covid19 (See here). The rationale is that the higher the levels of CO2, the more stagnant, recycled air the occupants are inhaling. CO2 sensors alert staff when levels get too high and ventilation is required. Our Sensors can be calibrated to send a message to your device, as well as change color on displays when a certain threshold is passed. 

In the UK, it is advised to avoid exceeding CO2 levels of 1200ppm (parts per million)

Our CIR’s can be put in “Healthcare Dedication Mode”, to display only the information received from the sensor. The entire screen will change to red when the established threshold is passed, to immediately alert staff.

Measuring CO2 levels and Air Quality is an important step in keeping your staff safe

Measuring IAQ (Internal Air Quality) is another important practice in keeping your staff safe. Deficiencies in IAQ can lead to serious health issues like asthma, and can decrease concentration and performance. We advise using our IAQ sensor in conjunction with the CO2 sensor to monitor air from all angles.

Check out our article to see our research in more depth. Measuring CO2 levels and Air Quality is an important step in offering protection to your returning staff. Via the admin view (See below), the admin (shocker, i know) can see the levels throughout the day, and see at what times the levels were elevated, allowing you to plan and organise appropriate methods of prevention.

Full visibility and monitoring to ensure you are keeping staff and yourself safe.

Please see more information regarding the importance of health sensors here

Door Tablet BOOKER:

Door Tablet BOOKER is a resource management feature. It is designed for single space resources, such as desks. Via BOOKER, staff has a visual representation of the desks or booths on a single screen, whether at home or at the office. It's a great tool to facilitate flexible working, especially in these times when businesses are still developing their work style (i.e remote, hybrid, flexible working ). 

  • Resources are color-coded to represent the availability. You have the floor plan view (Above) and the Time-bar view.
  • With the help of motion sensors, you can also see if an unbooked table is currently in use (Active).
  • The admin can ensure that there is an unbookable, empty table in between every 2 bookable ones if social distancing is requested, and can see how many people are in each office.
  • We also have the option of capacity management (Ie. Only 70% of resources can be booked at one time).
  • It is also possible to ensure that after each booking there is a free period in which the table gets cleaned or the room gets aired out.

Hybrid working staff can book tables and sit together with team-mates if teamwork is required.

As a resource management tool, you will be able to see who has booked tables or offices in your business, and thereby see who is in the office. One advantage of implementing a desk booking solution is reducing the total number of required space. If done the right way, this will not restrict employee workflow. These flexible workspaces can preserve organization throughout the company building.

Door Tablet room booking and scheduling software:

As always, our software simplifies room booking and allows you to see when they were last used or when they are next in use. As an admin you have full visibility over the number of attendees, length of meetings and more. 

With our Covid features such as cleaning mode (If activated), the screen can display a cleaning notice so users can see that a room is currently being cleaned and they will be advised not to enter until complete. This will not interfere with scheduling otherwise.

Keep track of your workspace changes

Working space is changing at a rapid pace. It is important to take care of your staff and allow them to work in the ways that elicit their best. Therefore, your company’s strategy for the new working space may continue to change as you go along and learn about your staff working patterns and use of space. With our solutions, you will be able to make changes accordingly as you go. 

Our scheduling software interfaces with Google Analytics and can provide you with insights and analytics about the use of your meeting rooms and open space, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to the future of your working space.

Use the power of Google Analytics, combined with Door Tablet, to deeply understand how your workspaces are being used

Safe return to the Office

The combination of these Door Tablet solutions can set your organisation up to manage the new workspace and help you on your journey to build the right space for your staff.