Door Tablet for Planon

About Planon

With over 35 years of experience, Planon is the leading global provider of innovative software, proven best practices and professional services that help building owners and occupiers, commercial service providers, and financial controllers to streamline business processes for buildings, assets, workplaces and people. Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for over 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world.

Planon and Door Tablet on the cloud

Door Tablet allows you to configure your entire system on the cloud for Planon. With this configuration the only hardware or software related to Door Tablet will be found on your Door Tablet clients.

Click here for information about connecting to Planon

Need Door Tablet on cloud partition? The Door Tablet Cloud servers are running on AWS solid backbone with highly secure interfaces. You can ensure that only clients from your own network can connect to the Door Tablet server.

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Please ask your Planon account manager to facilitate the connection between Door Tablet and Planon.


The Door Tablet implementation interfacing with Planon is very similar to our integration with Microsoft 365. Minor differences in the first relase are:

  1. No meeting participants listing
  2. No integration with the paid version of Microsoft Team. Integration with the free version is planned for 2021.

Planon and Door Tablet on-premise

Connect to Planon on Premise. This is simple to implement with the help of our Server Installer and a direct connection to your Planon Server using the Planon Connector for Door Tablet.

Getting Started

Follow our guidelines on how to get Door Tablet to work with Planon. Its easy. Just follow this link.

Basic configuration

  1. Obtain the Planon Door Tablet connector - contact your Planon account manager
  2. Follow our simple guide on preparing Planon for Door Tablet
  3. Ensure that your version of Planon is up-to-date and is at least in version L63
  4. Test the connection