Elevate workplace safety and efficiency with Door Tablet s health and motion sensors. CO2, air quality, and motion sensing for a healthier environment. Anonymousprnt::Y

Health and Motion Sensors for your business

Keep yourself and staff safe with Door Tablet's health sensors, and save time with smart, automatic motion sensing.

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CO2 Sensor

An increase in the level of CO2 can increase transmission of viruses. Higher levels in closed spaces can also lead to fatigue and sleepiness, reducing the productivity and wellbeing of your employees.

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Air Quality Sensor

By measuring levels of Air Pressure, Humidity and Temperature the Air Quality Sensor can calculate the overall Air Quality Index(AIQ), an internationally recognized measure for Air Quality. Improved Air Quality leads to increased productivity. See the link below to see some research on why it is important to measure these levels.

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Motion Sensor

A Motion inside a meeting room can trigger its adjacent Door Tablet display to change state in order to indicate that the room is currently in use (also called "Active State").

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Sensors In-depth

Health Sensors

CO2 Sensor & Air Quality Sensor

What it is/Use case

Door Tablet's CO2 sensor measures CO2 levels in the room and can notify meeting participants when CO2 levels are out of normal range indicating the need to increase ventilation in the room.

Why it's important: Research with sources

Proper ventilation will improve staff productivity and prevent staff illness

Motion Sensor

Use case

Door Tablet's motion sensor detects movement in it's vicinity and can communicate with Door Tablet in order to indicate the status of a room, thus automating room availability. A common use case for Door Tablet Motion Sensors is in the medical field where a consulting room can appear as being in use without the need for a doctor to book the room in advance.

Why it's important

Some use cases do not allow for pre booked rooms and encounters, this is exactly the case where Door Tablet + Motion Sensor shines through.

Health sensors data can be displayed in convenient places on a variety of screens

For added convenience a Door Tablet CIR can be used in highly public spaces to indicate the air quality in the room

Your Air Quality and CO2 Reflected in Charts

You can analyse how air quality changes during the day and take proactive actions to improve it

These sensors are a great addition to our room booking and scheduling software (See here for more), allowing you to keep staff safe.