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Console Command

Door Tablet offers a number of console commands that you may use in an emergency.

Note: you can only issue these commands if you have direct access to the Door Tablet server, when running in console mode.

To find out what commands are available, type the following on the prompt:
tell doortablet help

For example:
> tell doortablet help
Available DoorTablet console commands:
Use the first two letters as shortcut: "te doortablet xx"

STatusDisplay program status
CLeanupRemoves old data from Door Tablet DBs
REstartRestarts the doortablet add-in
MOnitorMonitor room status and report
To reset the admin password to its original contact support
httpset+ ports: Set the HTTP and HTTPS Ports the server listens on
EMail+Sends an email test
IMport+Imports users from file
HElpShows this list
Quit Quit Door Tablet Add-in (needed for upgrades)

Admin password reset
It is possible to reset the admin password. Should you wish to do this you will need to contact our support team so that they may verify your request.