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Windows Service

When you install the Door Tablet Server on a Windows x64 computer, such as Windows 2008 R2, you may wish to refine your installation as follows:
  1. Enable the Door Tablet Server Service
  2. Configure the controller to show instead of the console
  3. Prevent Interactive detection pop-ups

The result will be:
  1. Door Tablet Server will run as a service
  2. You will be able to see a console
  3. You will be able to issue console commands
  4. The server will be protected from accidental locks
  5. No irritating pop-ups

Install the Door Tablet Server Service:
Ensure the Door Tablet Server is already installed as a service. If not yet installed, perform the following:
  1. Start a command line box
  2. CD to the Door Tablet Server program directory, for example: >cd c:\DoorTablet
  3. Type or paste the following command (assuming the server is installed on drive c: and in the Door Tablet Server folder):
  • ntsvinst -c -t"DoorTablet Server" -i"c:\DoorTablet\notes.ini"
OR, another example...
  • ntsvinst -c -t"DoorTablet Server" -i"d:\Program Files\DoorTablet\notes.ini"

Configure the Service to run the Controller
The following command adds parameters to the service you have configured above. You do so again from the command line. Using the same assumption before re the locations of the installation:
  • sc config "DoorTablet Server" binPath= "c:\DoorTablet\nservice.exe =c:\DoorTablet\notes.ini -jc -c"
OR, another example (when the server is installed on a path with spaces):
  • sc config "DoorTablet Server" binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\DoorTablet\nservice.exe \"=C:\Program Files (x86)\DoorTablet\notes.ini\" -jc -c

Change the Notes.ini file
You now need to make a small modification to the Notes.ini file found in the Door Tablet Server program directory. Add the following anywhere below the first line ([notes]):

For example:

Stop Interactive Services Detection
To prevent these pop-ups on your server you need to disable the service. Find the service, stop it and mark it "Disabled".

You are done
  1. Start the Door Tablet Server Service
  2. Run the jconsole.exe program in the Door Tablet Server program directory and connect to the server