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From version 9.1 of Door Tablet we offer a free Key-Ring which contains a certificate for a domain: If you use an older version you may also use this facility by downloading it, as described below.

The Key Ring contains a certificate that allows you open your Door Tablet server using a secure port, HTTPS. In order to use this certificate you will need to:

  1. Implement the Key Ring we provide on your server
  2. Set DNS for to reach your server

Note: domain is available globally and if your DNS is not completed your apps will reach the global domain. As an added protection, any attempt to add a server connection to that domain will be rejected by the server. You may also test your DNS set-up using a browser, and, to test the Key Ring implementation you may update your local host file with an entry that looks like this:
Updating the host file will only affect the PC you are using.

Obtaining the Key Ring
The files you need are available to download from the Door Tablet website:

The certificate within the Key-Ring is active for two years and we will post an update a few weeks before its expiry.

For instructions on how to implement the Key-Ring see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Enabling HTTPS'