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USB only setup

Configuration of Motion Sensors when using USB only, is performed on each end-point:
  1. Install the sensor software on Windows, as described here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Hardware setup'
  2. Attach the electronics to your end-point using using a USB cable
  3. Update the sensors daemon ini file
  4. Note the UID
  5. Restart the Brick Daemon service

Connect the USB cable to the sensor electronics and to your PC. Run the Brick Viewer you have already installed.

Click on the Motion Detector Tab:

Update a local brickd.ini file
To enable the software to access the motion sensor programmatically by the Door Tablet end-point software, you need to make a small modification to the sensor daemon INI file. The file is located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Tinkerforge\Brickd
The name of the file is:

By deafault, the following set-up will show:
listen.address =
listen.plain_port = 4223
listen.websocket_port = 0
listen.mesh_gateway_port = 4240
listen.dual_stack = off

You need to change the following line:
listen.websocket_port = 0
listen.websocket_port = 4280

Save the file. Note: you are likely to be prevented from saving the file. Open your notepad editor in Administrator mode and you should be able to save the updated file.

Restart the Brick Daemon

Note: in Door Tablet, the address for a device that connects over USB is