Door Tablet V8.4.6

Released 15 March 2018
Please note, that some features listed pertain to the Door Tablet Enterprise server only, and are marked with a  .

Web UI

  1. Improvement to all rooms listing views
  2. Enhanced AIO profiles with control over working day and NFC enablement
  3. Reduction of the number of collapsible tabs in most forms
  4. New Directory view and functionality  
  5. New ability to change connected servers remotely  
  6. New servers and connections management  

Security features

  1. Added new level of security - details cannot be disclosed

Single Room display

  1. New controls over agenda display
  2. Change to font size and object dimension calculations (more work will be done in this area)
  3. Ability to view meeting participants
  4. Improvements to Resume functions
  5. Bug fixes to remote restart
  6. Auto fail-over to back-up servers  

Floor-plan and floor-plan editor

  1. New interactive legend
  2. Full branding control of legend
  3. Support for large number of rooms per display
  4. Various fixes

Performance and server load

  1. New caching for room listing with ability to control cache life  
  2. New caching system for Neighbourhood look-up and displays  

Meeting Processing

  1. Schedule reminders
  2. Remote check-in from reminder email message

Console command

  1. New command for overriding HTTP and HTTPS ports

Door Tablet AIO

  1. Standard Firmware updated
  2. LED brightness control
  3. Non-working days
  4. Application deep sleep
  5. Hardened Firmware updated  
  6. New SSH Server for remote monitoring  

New product released

  1. Door Tablet Enterprise edition  

Coming up in Q2/3 2018

  1. Door Tablet NU - a new solution which include a compact numerical display with led
  2. Door Tablet DSK - a new hot-desking solution
  3. New remote LED fixtures for Sensor installations