End-User Features

There are many features that make the experience of using Door Tablet useful and effective for the end-user and your business.

Tablet features
  • View current and future meetings for today
  • Check-in to pre-booked meetings
  • Check-out or terminate all meetings
  • Extend meetings if time allows
  • View welcome messages with meeting info
  • Automatically terminate meetings if no check-in
  • Create a meeting from the tablet
  • View whether or not the room is vacant from a distance - LED lights in Door Tablet AIO
  • View meetings in other rooms within a collection of rooms (neighbourhoods)
  • Request room assistance in catering, technical help and more
  • Switch display languages with a touch
  • Extensive use of NFC when you deploy Door Tablet AIO

Calendaring and Scheduling features
  • Allows people to book meetings in advance in the corporate and scheduling system (Exchange, Domino and Google), and view these on the tablets
  • Automatic meeting cancellation for "No Show"
  • View room schedule
  • Create a meeting title, chairman and meeting details displayed
  • Add visitor information to display on tablets and Welcome TV displays (including logos)

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Try Door Tablet - on your screen now

If you have already registered on this website you can try the Door Tablet app from here. Simply click on the screen on the right and begin.

Using Door Tablet from a PC is not demanding to the device and as it uses a modern browser only, the PC or laptop may be low spec and likely to be low cost. This feature is particularly useful when connecting Door Table to a large TV when using Welcome or Schedule displays.
You may also use this option with PCs equipped with touch screens.

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