User Features

There are many features that make the experience of using Door Tablet useful and effective for the end-user and your business.

Tablet features
  • View current and future meetings for today
  • Check-in to pre-booked meetings
  • Check-out or terminate all meetings
  • Extend meetings if time allows
  • View welcome messages with meeting info
  • Automatically terminate meetings if no check-in
  • Create a meeting from the tablet
  • View whether or not the room is vacant from a distance - LED lights in Door Tablet AIO
  • View meetings in other rooms within a collection of rooms (neighbourhoods)
  • Request room assistance in catering, technical help and more
  • Switch display languages with a touch
  • Extensive use of NFC when you deploy Door Tablet AIO

Calendaring and Scheduling features
  • Allows people to book meetings in advance in the corporate and scheduling system (Exchange, Domino and Google), and view these on the tablets
  • Automatic meeting cancellation for "No Show"
  • View room schedule
  • Create a meeting title, chairman and meeting details displayed
  • Add visitor information to display on tablets and Welcome TV displays (including logos)

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Door Tablet software operates as a native app on all popular tablet operating systems. If you have your own panels in place, there is no need to change them - saving you time and money.

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