Door Tablet is a combined software and hardware solution for managing workspaces, including meeting rooms, conference rooms, hot desks, huddle spaces, phone booths and more, plus optional Wayfinding displays  to guide people along the way.

Door Tablet enhances the way you work today, with no new technology to learn.

Door Tablet integrates seamlessly with your current scheduling system, Microsoft  Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google G Suite, IBM Domino and others.  It operates natively on many tablet operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Samsung, though we recommend our purpose-built devices such as the Door Tablet TC, or the Door Tablet AIO. 

Door Tablet complements your existing booking system, so there is no need to change the way you book meetings today.  We make room logistics easier - saving you time, money and stress.

You can get up and running with Door Tablet quickly. Register on our website and get access to our Quotation Tool. Email yourself a quote; it will remain valid for a month. And in the meantime, download the Door Tablet app and try it out free of charge.