Administrators Features

Tablet related
  • Group rooms together to create room 'neighbourhoods'
  • Allow check-in/out and automatic deletion of a meeting
  • Individual room editing
  • Manage ad-hoc meetings
  • Edit the maximum duration
  • Re-brand appearance using themes and CSS
  • Change system and tablet language with ease; Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Finnish, Russian, Chinese and Italian
  • Customise all display strings using a translation facility
  • Set room polling frequencies
  • Prevent polling and meetings on specific days and between hours
  • Allow meeting extension and room release (also flexible according to admin requirements)
  • Allow for tablet-based assistance with implemented phone and email contact
  • Edit what assistance is required; catering, cleanliness, lighting etc.
  • Manage rooms from centralised page
  • Synchronise new rooms
  • Access to a Demo server
  • Access to all tablet features
  • Individual room licensing
  • Ability to add and remove rooms
  • Control over meeting logs
  • Control over IP access
  • Implementation of welcome screen in lobby/reception
  • Automatic synchronisation of room features and rules every 15 minutes
  • Update reservations
  • View Check-in codes
  • View logs
  • IP Lockdown
  • Prevent fast-release from rooms to prevent room-stealing and disruption
  • Multiple-key codes for the system
  • Multiple numeric key codes for individual rooms
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If you have already registered on this website you can try the Door Tablet app from here. Simply click on the screen on the right and begin.

Using Door Tablet from a PC is not demanding to the device and as it uses a modern browser only, the PC or laptop may be low spec and likely to be low cost. This feature is particularly useful when connecting Door Table to a large TV when using Welcome or Schedule displays.
You may also use this option with PCs equipped with touch screens.

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