Door Tablet Analytics

Door Tablet interfaces with Google Universal Analytics (UA). The server posts "hits" to UA, allowing you to gain intelligence about your meetings and resources. You may then use this knowledge to plan, modify and improve the usage of your resources.

What UA integration will give you

Universal Analytics is the latest generation of Google Analytics, designed to go way beyond the Web. With UA, we can now send hits that represent literally any object and process. In the Door Tablet context, we send hits that reflect your resource usage at three distinct milestones:
  1. At the beginning of a booking
  2. At the end of a booking
  3. At the end of the day
The Door Tablet server does this without affecting performance in the background.

Example Reports

  1. What percentage of the time a resource is used
  2. How many meetings get aborted (no check-in)
  3. What kind of meetings you have: short ones, long ones
  4. When do meetings tend to start and end
  5. Which area of resources perform better than others
  6. Which country performs better
  7. How do utilisation rates compare month on month, year on year
  8. Measure behavior during summer periods versus winter periods
  9. Which resources exceed targets, which fall behind
Door Tablet pushes the data to UA, and you can create reports that meet your needs.


You may use a range of tools to manipulate your data on UA.  The first and obvious one is Google Analytics itself.  However, many more tools are available from Google and other companies, too.  Start here in exploring some of these extra tools


Read the Door Tablet Analytics help pages for complete information on how the system works.
Introduction to integration with UA
Configure UA and ready it for Door Tablet
Configure the Door Tablet server for UA
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