Introduction to Features

Door Tablet is responsive to the needs of our clients and to the evolving requirements of the world of business and professional meetings.  The solution has rapidly become one of the most feature-rich software packages for the meeting rooms market.

We continue to work with our clients and partners in refining our offering – not just in terms of what it can do, but in making it as accessible and easy to use as possible. Features of the Door Tablet solution include:
  • Easy deployment across the organization
  • View any space availability from any display
  • Kiosk and Wayfinding displays
  • Integrated slide shows
  • Implement brand identity on all displays
  • Touch screen solution for the workplace
  • Access reservations centrally
  • Use standard Android, iOS or Windows hardware
  • Slots into any scheduling system, including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gsuite and more
  • Catering and support  at a touch
  • Available in a dozen languages, including RTL
  • Occupancy data via Google Analytics
Flexability is a key characteristic to most of the operating features. Door Tablet works easily on most major hardware platforms and integrates with key scheduling packages such as Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Gsuite and more. It deploys easily and scales up quickly as an efficient solution for organizations of all sizes.

Try Door Tablet software on your web-browser or a domestic tablet device free of charge, or take advantage of our hardware "Try&Buy" program to get your hands on a Door Tablet AIO (All in One), a TC (Touch), or one of our Windows based devices.