Take the work out of
Workspace Management

Door Tablet is a combined software and hardware solution for managing workspaces.  It optimizes the use of meeting rooms, hot desks, huddle spaces and booths. Wayfinding and overview displays guide people along the way.  Try Door Tablet for free.
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If you have already registered on this website you can try Door Tablet by simply clicking on this example screen. 

Door Tablet software operates as a native app on all tablet operating systems. If you have your own panels in place, there is no need to change them - saving you time and money.

Why Choose Door Tablet?

Our complete eco-system of software, display devices, motion sensors and Wayfinding service offers a complete all-in-one workspace and signage solution that is reliable, robust and competitively priced.


Door Tablet software is rock-solid stable. Our hardware offerings are robust and last for years.  We have a helpline for any problems, though you will rarely need it because everything just works. Trust us - this is all we do. Reliability is our company’s passion and focus.


Feature-rich and highly flexible, Door Tablet grows with your needs.  Easily expand to additional sites or even migrate scheduling systems. It installs and deploys easily and scales up quickly. The software works as a native app on all tablet devices.


Our intuitive layouts mean no learning curve for your users. We run on all operating systems complementing your existing scheduling software so no new skills must be learned. We have online and email support and provide a library of instructional videos in our School.


Door Tablet runs on your premises or in your private cloud, so you have complete security control. We built the solution with security in mind, not as an afterthought. We are proud that Door Tablet is trusted by a wide variety of cyber-sensitive companies across the world.