DOOR TABLET NEWS: ISE2017 in Amsterdam

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2017 is by some way the biggest annual trade show of its kind in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

At this year's show, staged earlier in February at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam, more than 67,000 visitors were enticed by the attraction of some 1,600 exhibitors spread over eight separate trade halls -- all drawn like bees to the technology honeypots of system integration and the exploding Internet of Things.

Standing proudly at one of the entrances to the Digital Signage hall were the Dynamic Duo of Door Tablet: CTO Avi Tchiprout and sales director Tam McDonald used the four days of the exhibition to demonstrate the latest features in our meeting room management software, gauge the interest in our latest innovation -- motion room sensors are provoking even greater interest than we had anticipated -- and field enquiries about re-seller licenses from all over Europe: most notably Spain, Turkey, and the Baltic states.

It was a week of fun and some great wins: promising new contacts, a warm welcome from one of the continent's most charming cities, and a host of good lessons on how to put on an even better Door Tablet Expo at ISE 2018.

The event itself is a massive hit of wow in so many ways. Beyond the sheer size and the variety of technologies involved -- for digital signage, for smart buildings and ultra-modern homes, for data analytics and entertainment display -- and most impressively for audio-visual product integrators generally and most particularly for producers of content for HD video walls: ISE is a showcase of wonders not only for what defines the "cutting edge" in the world of technology today, but for the strong and exciting markers being put down for humanity's future.

Door Tablet felt honoured and more than a little chuffed to be taking part. We are especially thankful to our technology partners Qbic, who kindly allowed us to pinch a corner of their stand to display our wares -- including their very own AIO tablet that has proven to be one of the sturdier solutions in the portfolio of our hardware products.

Door Tablet will return to Amsterdam next year, no doubt sporting more enticing innovations but featuring the same winning and effective formula for success: build the best product, keep things friendly but work hard.

And a tip for all future exhibitors and delegates? Unless you have a reliable parking solution nailed down, leave your car at home. When they say that Amsterdam is a city for cyclists, it is because they really, really . . . mean it!