Native Apps and browsers

The Door Tablet client application is available as three Native Apps and HTML5 browsers.  All of them offer:
  1. Identical functionality
  2. Variable integration with the underlying hardware
  3. They simultaneously release
  4. Apps are available from the respective App Stores: Apple, Google and Microsoft.  For Samsung the release is via the Door Tablet server

iOS 5 and up

  1. Our first client provides for solid functionality with better control of screen on/off status
  2. Enclosures are very popular and app protection is provided by Guided Access
  3. PoE not common and tablets often powered using local supply
  4. Networking often relies on WiFi
  5. Mobile Device Management (MDM) fully supported
  6. It takes around a week from the point of release for the application to roll out on to the App store

Door Tablet Downloads

On this site will find the following downloads:
  1. Door Tablet APK for the Door Tablet AIO, TC, ABX and CIR - Android app
  2. Door Tablet WIN for Windows devices.  A Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  3. Software includes device handler for Door Tablet MM, WM, WBX

HTML5 Browsers

  1. Use the latest HTML5 browsers
  2. Main purpose is for testing and usage on non-touch devices
  3. Indispensable for work on branding
  4. Can be launched directly from the Door Tablet Web User Interface
  5. No special hardware integration
  6. No camera or QR reading support

Android 7.11 and up

  1. Our second client, launched shortly following the iOS release, keeps screens on while the application runs
  2. Enclosures are popular and app protection is provided by hiding the hardware controls and MDM
  3. PoE provided by our hub, external to the enclosure
  4. Networking provided by PoE but WiFi also used
  5. MDM fully supported
  6. The App is available at the point of release
  7. Full package available from us, including software, enclosures, PoE kits and tablets (prices vary)

Windows 10

  1. Our recent client, available from version 7, timed to the release of Windows 10 and available for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
  2. Enclosures depend on specific choice of tablet.  
  3. PoE is provided at low cost using PoE splitters as power sockets and micro USBs are commonly available
  4. Networking using wired or WiFi
  5. MDM fully supported
  6. The App is often available a few days after a release
  7. Hardware package is under consideration