COVID-19 and Door Tablet

We hope that everyone is keeping safe at home during the current coronavirus pandemic.  During this difficult time we believe that we also need to be distracting ourselves with positive things for the future. 

With many countries currently in lockdown, we want to make evaluating Door Tablet even easier.  Why not use this quieter time to evaluate a solution that will transform your workspaces when you're back up and running?  

While you're working from home we want to provide you with a new 'Home Evaluation'. This is a risk free trial of our solution so you can be looking forward during these uncertain times.  We will supply hardware that you can return within 30 days, for a full refund, unless you wish to keep it of course. 

What does the Home Evaluation include


We will provide you with full installation support and assistance in connecting to your scheduling system.  Our technical team will provide two hours of free training.


Door Tablet AIO and Door Tablet TC.  See details here.
We are also offering a small number of Door Tablet AIO-h devices with HiD radio.

Door Tablet CIR.  See more details here.

Limited stock is available on a 'first come first serve basis' and the program is open to prospects validated by our sales team.
  • Door Tablet AIO is available in black or silver
  • Door Tablet TC and AIO with HiD Radio are available in black only
  • Note: limited availability on Door Tablet CIRs


  • For UK companies there is NO cost, unless returning the hardware which will require shipping payment.
  • For companies outside the UK there is a cost for delivery and device.  The devices are discounted.  Payment by credit card.


  • Since this is a Home Evaluation programme, delivery must be made to residential addresses only.
  • Our delivery company, DHL, will deliver to your doorstep and won't require a signature, but will confirm your name. Upon arrival please remove the outer yellow bag, destroy it and wash your hands (yes, you've heard it before). A return bag will be inside the package in the event you wish to return the hardware.


The evaluation program is for 30 days from reception of the hardware.   If returning, the shipping is to be paid by you.  You will be refunded if you paid for the device.  





No cost Pay for shipping


No cost Pay a discounted price


Pay for device on end of evaluation Keep for no extra cost

Return shipping

Pay for shipping Pay for shipping

Return device

Cost N/A Refund cost paid for device

Method of pay

Credit card or wire transfer Credit card only 

To enroll on the program please register on this site and submit a request using the inquiry form.