Door Tablet AIO and Door Tablet TC

Door Tablet AIO

  • The AIO, all in one, is a complete hardware solution - ready to attach to your network and your walls
  • Power over Ethernet - PoE
  • LED lights on front and sides
  • High resolution 10.1" touch display
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC fully integrated with the app
  • Secure single purpose device - no need for Mobile Device Management
  • Includes wall and glass mounting - in the box
  • Hardware price: use the Quotation Tool from the Dashboard
  • OS: Android 5.1
  • Two fascia colors: Black and Silver
  • CE and FCC certified

Door Tablet TC

The Door Tablet AIO and TC have the same appearance. Most of the features of the AIO are included in the Door Tablet TC, with the exception of RFID/NFC, Bluetooth and power supply - as it comes with PoE anyway.  Hence the TC is offered at a lower price.

Other Hardware

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Warranty Statement
Clean and elegant design - no buttons anywhere.  Screen can be designed entirely to your branding.

Sockets: Power, PoE, PoE+, USB,  micro-USB

Elegant back side for glass walls

Door Tablet AIO Silver edition...
In mm, including mounting bracket for all surfaces:
Width 261.1
Height: 198.7
Depth: 30.3