Door Tablet V9.8

Autumn, 2020

What's new

Since our summer newsletter, we have been busy integrating new technologies into Door Tablet, making our product unique in a number of ways.  We have also enhanced a range of features, and fixed a few minor bugs.

Clients report that Door Tablet is solid and stable, in all conditions, for users of all sizes and architectures. Riding on this stability, we are adding capabilities that further set us apart from the competition.  This includes:
  1. Integration with leading Access Control systems.  See our brief introduction
  2. Read about our implementation of the Dormakaba connection for operating doors and ID Source management
  3. Read about our integration with with Credo ID for both operating doors and ID Source management
  4. Learn about the enhancements to DTSI, now in version V2.1.  This interface provides enhancements to existing calls and adds new ones, including as ID Source

Bringing schedules and secure access together

Door Tablet's integration with Access Control systems means that you may now more easily control access to spaces based on precise schedules.  When you book a secure resource, such as an editing suite, a lab or simulator room, only those related to the booking may gain access.  Of course, other staff from Facilities and similar roles will also require access, so we cater for them too.  This integration has been deployed at a medical facility where access to labs is highly restrictive - and Door Tablet solves this elegantly, and with little to no admin.

With this integration, Door Tablet will unlock a door using hardware as shown here.  This Cylinder, made by Doormakaba, is an integral component of the Exivo suit.

We have also integrated with Credo ID from Midpoint Security.  CredoID is a flexible access control platform for open hardware  including, but not limited to, HID Global, Mercury, Suprema, ASB Security, etc.  Built to deliver efficiency and convenience to security projects, CredoID provides full control of project integration, installation and ROI.  Here too we provide the same functions as described above.  Check out Credo ID for their rich platform.

Door Tablet 9.8 downloads

We have released the new version on most platforms, ready for download.  This includes the following:
  1. Android app - released to Google Play and all pro hardware, such as the Door Tablet AIO/TC/SL/ABX/CIR
  2. Browser app - built-in to the system
  3. Server 32bit - download from this site
  4. Server 64bit - download from this site
  5. Server update - download from this site
You can access the downloads here.

The following versions have yet to be released.  These will be on-line in the next week.
  1. Windows app
  2. iOS app
Changes to Door Tablet installers
From this version onwards, we are no longer including the Help system with the installer.  This reduces the size of each installer file by 100MB.  The help system is available online as its always been, and you can access it here. We have also added links throughout the Door Tablet Admin console, pointing to the relevant help page, to make it easier to find information.

Have you upgraded to version 9.7?
Take advantage of our integration with ZOOM, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.  Currently under consideration is integration of Cisco WebEx and Blue Jeans.  Do you use these platforms , and are interested in this integration? Please let your account manager know.  We expect the functionality of such integrations to be similar to the functions in the current ZOOM/Teams/Meet implementation.

Integration with ZOOM - a reminder
With Door Tablet you may connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet and benefit from seamless integration. The integration covers the following server technologies:
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspaces
  • IBM/HCL Domino
The integration offers the following:
  • Link meeting spaces to ZOOM/MEET/TEAMS
  • Create sessions automatically for spaces that are set for this
  • Send session information to attendees
  • Create sessions for ad-hoc meetings
See here for further info

Door Tablet for Planon

In the past few weeks we have been working on the integration with the Planon platform.  We intended to release this in V9.8.1 but missed the schedule so we are now committed to release a patch for the next release, V9.8.2.  Due to the importance of this feature we are likely to make the release available at the end of November 2020.

What is Planon
Planon is a powerful Integrated Workspace Management System, IWMS, covering many aspects of running a modern company.  The Planon platform includes workspace scheduling, amongst many other powerful features and capabilities.  The Door Tablet interface to Planon allows users to benefit from tight integration of the platforms.  Our collaboration means that there is no longer a need to use a third party system in order to provide services similar to Door Tablet.  Door Tablet accesses the Planon platform directly, thanks to the work conducted by engineers in both firms. For more information about Planon please visit their site:

What features of Door Tablet will be available
Almost all.  Thanks to the architecture of Door Tablet and the Planon system we are able to retain the majority of features currently on offer, with one minor exception.  With the first release we will not retrieve names of meeting participants other than the host, as we do with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.  On the other hand, we plan to add new features that no other system currently offers - we will publish these in due course.

Keep fighting COVID-19

Room Cleaning
With this version we are introducing a simple feature that marks a room out of service for the reason of cleaning.  The feature provides for the following:
  1. Enable cleaning for specific cleaning staff.  Only they can engage the feature
  2. The feature may be used at any time, according to your cleaning protocols
  3. When invoked, a record of the cleaning session is recorded.  Reversing the process logs the end of cleaning, too
  4. You may override our cleaning design with one of your own making, and change the text too if you wish

Details plus configuration information may be found here.

Hygiene Reminders
Remember, you may turn on the hygiene reminders we made available a few months ago, with the previous version of Door Tablet

NHS Test & Trace

For our UK users - please help our National Health Service, the NHS, battle the virus.  The integration of the NHS App into Door Tablet allows the tracking of people who have visited you, and your own employees who may have been in proximity to someone who unfortunately got infected. 

Your Door Tablet displays will show, on demand, the QR code needed for the app.

For further details about this Door Tablet feature click here.

Visit the NHS site for further details about the application that you should already have on your phone.   Click here.