Easily integrate text files with Door Tablet. Import schedules from your in-house system and save time. Create records, schedule for today or future dates effortlessly. Anonymousprnt::Y

Read Text Files

Door Tablet will read txt files which you export from your in-house scheduling system.
You can also export your list of rooms/resources and Door Tablet will create records on the system, saving you valuable time.  You may create schedules for today and for future dates.  These may be stored in individual files matching your "room keys" or combined into shared scheduled files.     Text Files definitions for integration with your system.

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Other Architectures

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Shared Folder with TXT files
You define rooms in your private scheduling system, make reservations and have these exported as text files for Door Tablet
Door Tablet Server
The Door Tablet server allows you to read simple text files you supply.
File Read
Door Tablet connects to the shared folder and reads room information and schedules
Door Tablet Clients
Use a variety of clients to connect to the Door Tablet Server. Use Android tablets, Apple iPads tablets or Microsoft Surface tablets. You can also use any modern browser on any display to connect as a client to the server. Use large TV screens to greet guests and display a room group schedule
Use a web browser to to administer the Door Tablet server, control tablet functionality and branding at room level and perform all admin functions