Door Tablet with Dormakaba Exivo

Door Tablet is integrated with Dormakaba Exivo to provide ID management and door operations.  Door operation allows refined control over door opening as part of the check-in process.  Features apply to all of Dormakaba hardware compatible with the Exivo platform.

Installation and configuration
  1. Install Door Tablet and configure it with your choice of scheduling software.  Showing Microsoft 365 as example below
  2. Configure your account on the Exivo portal
  3. Add wireless hubs and locks to your Exivo instance
  4. Connect your Door Tablet server to the Exivo instance
  5. Configure user rights in Door Tablet and rule pertaining to the connection to Dormakaba

Scheduling Server
Your scheduling server such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchage, HCL/IBM Domino or Microsoft 365
Dormakaba Exivo Portal
The Dormakaba Exivo portal is available globally. The Door Tablet server connects to it over HTTPS
Door Tablet Server
Install the Door Tablet server either on-prem or on the cloud. Door Tablet end points connect only to the Door Tablet server
Doormakaba Wireless hubs
A Dormakaba hub that bridges between Doormakaba door locking and readers hardware. The hubs are connected to the Dormakaba Exivo platform and recive commands from the Doortable server via the Exivo portal
Door Tablet End-Points
A variety of devices, or tablets, which connect to the Door Tablet server. To operate doors and properly interact with the Dormakaba Exivo platform the devices must be equiped with compatible RFID readers
Dormakaba door gear
A variety of devices including locking and readers technology. Devices are paired with the Dormakaba wireless hubs in your building.
Important Note:
Contact Door Tablet sales to obtain an Exivo account and to purchase Dormakaba parts.

Other Architectures