Introduction to Door Tablet School

Would you like to find out more about Door Tablet at a glance? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a reseller.

Our growing library of short videos explains several key technical features of Door Tablet, taking you through important steps such as connecting and using the Door Tablet app, how to access our Wayfinding Displays, and using the Quotation Tool to get a quote. These videos are free for registered users of our website.

Available to anyone, without registering, are the less technical videos that indicate our interest in building our community of resellers. Titles on this side of our library work as a general introduction to Door Tablet, explaining how somebody can become a reseller and, when they do, how they go about selling Door Tablet.

If you have any comments or suggestions arising from any of the videos in our library – or indeed if you have an idea for a new video – do please contact us.

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OK, let's go to school!