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Using the Demo Server 2:57
How you can use the demo server - at minimal hassle and no cost - to learn how our product can help make your meetings more efficient.
Basic App Features 6:19
The Door Tablet basics: how to check in, change details, ordering help from the room. Check details on other rooms, all from your tablet.
Your Server and Auto Resume 4:14
How to get running on Door Tablet, establishing a connection to your own server. And how does our Auto Resume feature help you?
Installing the Door Tablet Server 4:03
This video goes through the first steps of installing the Door Tablet server, and how to log in from there to the Web User Interface.
Connecting to Office 365 2:56
For users of Office 365, this video goes through the steps of configuring it to work with Door Tablet, and looks particularly at synchronising rooms.
#Installing | #Schedulers
Using the Quotation Tool 6:25
See here how registered users of the Door Tablet website can use the Quotation Tool to secure quotes that hold firm for 30 days.
Steps for Becoming a Reseller 2:45
If you are interested in becoming one of our growing community of resellers, this video is for you. It will take you through the steps.
Selling Door Tablet 5:54
Here we consider how resellers, once they are approved, can use the Quotation Tool to appreciate the discount levels that are available to them.
Accessing Wayfinding Displays 4:03
Here we see how Door Tablet faces the challenge of showing people how to find their way to the correct meeting room.
NFC Enablement 3:36
How to enable NFC in an organisation with cards but no suitable listings
Making Rule Changes to a Group of Rooms 2:45
Making changes to a room booking is easy when you have one tablet, one room. But how easy is it to change the settings to apply to a large group of rooms? You certainly...
How to License Door Tablet 3:27
Once you have installed Door Tablet it is time to obtain licenses for the software. This video will show you how to apply codes to secure licenses and distribute these...