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Release Journal - 2014

Below you will find the 2014 release notes we sent to users registered on this website.  You may also find it useful when tracking changes made to Door Tablet over time.  The most recent updates appear at the top.  For the latest notes please see here.

V5.5.0 - 24 November 2014

Slide Shows

You want to get the most out of your investment in Door Tablet.  All displays are now integrated with Slide Shows, so the tablets need never stand idle. The shows do not intrude upon meeting schedules and can be dismissed with a touch if a booking needs to be made.  If there are no current meetings to display, Door Tablet can broadcast shows that you have created, together with captions. Tell your visitors about your company, your ethos, new product lines and more.  Learn when Slide Shows appear.

Door Tablet provides a tool for creating the Slide Shows using the Web User Interface.  See your shows as you add content and captions: choose from 350 slide transitions and 470 caption transitions.

Slide Shows and your meetings

The new shows work unobtrusively on all the different display types. They will play while there are no meetings, and will stop playing ten minutes before the next meeting.  You can interrupt a show by just touching the display, allowing you to check schedules, view other rooms, or make a booking.  Learn more about Slide Shows here.


You can see Slide Shows in action now.  Open product overview page and click on the tablet to start a demo.

New Quotation Tool

Get a good idea of what functionality is on offer at what sort of cost. You can try out our new, easy-to-use Quotation Tool by clicking here.

New displays offer greater flexibility

We have added two new display types: Airport and Slide Show.  The Airport display lists meetings in the order these are due.  It also lists free rooms in real time and warns you about meetings that are about to begin.  Airport Display is also available in multi-screen mode and will display Slide Shows based on a time slice you decide. Read more about Airport Display here.

Another display type is a Slide Show display.  The display is dedicated to showing Slide Shows of varying lengths, with or without captions, and without any interference to meetings.  Shows are refreshed from the server regularly and any modifications will reflect on your display within two minutes.  Read more about Slide Show display here.


You can see the Airport Display in action now.  Open product overview page and click on the tablet to start a demo.

Improvements to the Web User Interface (Web UI)

We worked hard to make the Web UI more attractive and efficient. Every page and form was reviewed and improved:

  1. Navigation, sorting, searching – all have been made easier
  2. Unsaved forms will now require confirmation
  3. Slide show editing tool has been added
  4. Some styles improved

V5.0.3 - 21 September 2014

A major new departure with this release is the Cluster Display.  Cluster displays allow an organization to provide a fully interactive facility for managing multiple rooms on one-touch screen.  Each room (or even resource) is represented by a time bar showing bookings and free time.  You can perform all the functions available in the standard room display, including reserve, check-in, extend and terminate meetings.  You can also see a map of the rooms, photos and of course report issues with facilities and ask for catering services, all from a single display.

A cluster becomes particularly attractive when there is no room to place a tablet by each space or if you wish to provide a single point of service in an open environment.  Of course this also reduces your hardware costs.  We are excited about Clusters, and hope you will be too.


Please note that this release includes important fixes to both the Exchange and Domino servers.  

In Exchange the important issue was with unapproved all day events.  In Domino the issue was with a resource database that is not on the server root.

New branding and display styling

With this new release of Door Tablet, we show how you could dramatically modify the appearance of your display without any programming.  You can obtain the two simple files from the help pages and adapt these further to your needs, including adding your corporate branding.  Please note that in the samples below a single graphic covers the entire tablet space as a background, and it spans over all the display components and functions.

V4.5 - 8 August 2014

What is new
  1. Native Arabic support
  2. Native Hebrew support
  3. Now handling Unicode text to and from the tablet
  4. API code helper for posting Unicode text
  5. Popup display of meeting details from a time bar - just touch

Bug fixes
Some typos in Door Tablet Web UI.  No material fixes with this build

V4.5 - 7 July 2014

New features
  1. API - allows you to update Door Tablet reservations from any system, view resources, schedules and more.  All this in JASONP format which makes it easy to create internal mobile Apps.  Learn about the API
  2. New customisation options.  There are no limits to making the display in your house style.  Use your own words for resources, month and day names, change the graphics for traffic lights or the resource icons.  And when it comes to Welcome and Schedule displays, we provide a new layer for adding your mark, anywhere on the display.  Read more about it here
  3. For those who like to show full dates, there are new Date Display options
  4. Most core server functions have been migrated to work as a serverlet, vastly improving performance
  5. You can now add Neighbourhoods Settings - this will become more apparent when we publish the next release supporting Room and Desk Clusters
  6. For each resource you can now add a floor plan (in short we call it Map), and a photo of the resource (we call it Photo, obviously).  You can read about the Map and Photo feature here
  7. When creating an ad-hoc meeting with a Domino server there is no longer a five-seconds delay until the booking shows.
  8. Added a proxy feature when using a Domino server (this has always been available in Exchange).  This allows a Door Tablet server to connect with a remote Domino server that does not run HTTP
  9. Improved the Web UI calendar interface
  10. On-line presentation is available here
  11. Documentation update and more

Bug fixes

As with every build we find some things we need to fix or improve, and no exceptions this time.

Please note the the server must be upgraded before the tablets.  For upgrade notes see here.

V4.1.0 - 22 March 2014

What is new

  1. New Auto-Resume feature
  2. Fixes
  3. Improved performance on Microsoft Office 365

Auto Resume
Door Tablet allows you to set a client to open the last display automatically without the user involvement.  This is particularly helpful on Android platforms and PCs that are set to run Door Tablet on start-up.  For this and other tablets consideration please click here.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Work on native support for this platform has begun.  At this time it is not clear what demand there is - if this is your platform of choice please let us know.  

  1. All-day events did not show on the tablet correctly
  2. Changed labels and removed countdown for all-day events
  3. Neighbourhoods did not open correctly on versions of Microsoft Exchange
  4. Assistance request did not show correctly when there was no assistance email address at both room and system levels
  5. Room names did not display correctly on Schedule Displays
All server components are available for download.  If you are upgrading your installation please pick the 30MB~ download - that is all you need for upgrade.  Android App is available in Google Play and the iPad App is also available now.

V4.0.2 - 27 January 2014

What is new

  1. Meeting Centre mode - run Door Tablet server without any additional scheduling system.  See here
  2. New translation capabilities.  See here
  3. Many improvements to the app when in browser interface
  4. Ability to change meeting room name
  5. Improvements to the Apps with particular focus on Android
  6. Reduction in CSS caching


Minor only.

V3.4.0 - 11 January 2014

What is new

  1. Support for monthly rental licensing
  2. Fresh update of the Mobile Interface framework
  3. Improved styling and use of fonts
  4. New Web UI features in the reservation calendar
  5. Usage of Time Zones and private Time Zones for both the Door Tablet server and clients (tablets and PCs)
  6. Simplification of the server connection registration
  7. Few bug fixes on both the server and tablet apps

Monthly rental licensing

With this feature you can now rent Door Tablet and its server for a small fixed monthly fee.  The fee is charged quarterly.  Once a quarter is paid you are issued with your license which you then use to enable the rooms on your Door Tablet server.

Mobile Interface framework

We have upgraded the framework that allows us to continue and add more features to the client applications while retaining its high performance and ease of use.

Styling and fonts

We increased the size of some buttons and ensured consistent use of fonts, particularly in the Door Display.

Web UI Calendar improvements

The Reservation Calendar had major works to improve its usability.  You can now view reservations in different time zones, your own working hours range and even decide if you want to see weekend slots.

Time Zones

With this release we no longer assume that tablets are in the same time zone as the server.  From the Web UI or the Notes Client UI you can now define Time Zones, reduce these to only use zones used in your business and employ these zones on both the main server set-up and rooms.  You can also use the Zones when using the reservations calendar.  Please note that this applies to Microsoft Exchange users only

Server Connection

From this release of Door Tablet you no longer need to specify server technology.  The system was upgraded to allow us to integrate with more scheduling servers in a way that is transparent to the clients' software (tablets or PCs)

Bug fixes

As with every build we find some things we need to fix or improve and no exception this time.