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Release Journal

Below you will find the release notes we sent to users registered on this web site.  You may also find it useful when tracking changes made to Door Tablet over time.  The most recent updates appear at the top.

V7.7 - 10 June 2016

What is new

  1. NFC support in Door Tablet AIO incorporating in all end user functions
  2. New languages - Chinese and Italian
  3. Refined EWS versioning
  4. Improved Slide Show creation order

Fixes and improvements

  1. Slides stored on disk did not always work
  2. Complete Kiosk mode in Door Tablet AIO
  3. Other minor fixes

V7.6 - 5 May 2016

What is new

  1. Floor Plans - a new display type
  2. Door Tablet AIO - new hardware release

Fixes and improvements

  1. Minor Fixes

V7.5.1 - 24 March 2016

What is new

  1. Integration with Bluetooth Speakers for end of meeting alerts (in-room)
  2. Added Paired Displays - Outside and Inside rooms
  3. Added built-in support for Small Displays

Fixes and improvements

  1. Fixed issues with CSS caused by new cache busting
  2. Changed how Neighborhood schedules are fetched in EWS with error conditions
  3. Automatically cleaned Neighborhood names
  4. Removed double port number when generating Digital Signage URLs

V7.4.5 - 4 March 2016

What is new

  1. Tracking and remote restarts
  2. Added ability to add image to event
  3. Added new status to single room display "meeting soon"

Fixes and improvements

  1. Eliminated styling cache
  2. Fixed scrolling issue with wayfinding types
  3. Prevented dummy meetings in airport display
  4. Reduced size of version controls tracking
  5. Truncated Neighborhood list when looking for new rooms
  6. Fixed themes in the Windows client

V7.4.1 - 4 February 2016

What is new

  1. Added support for new styling in response to interactive Language Switching
  2. Added more CSS examples for setting the whole display depending on room status
  3. Added more branding controls over screen titles by placing these a new objects

Fixes and improvements

  1. Performace improvments for admins
  2. Minor bug fixes

V7.3.2 - 4 January 2016

What is new

  1. Added support for new styling in response to interactive Language Switching
  2. Added more CSS examples for setting the whole display depending on room status
  3. Added more branding controls over screen titles by placing these as new objects

Fixes and improvements

  1. Server code for neighborhoods returned wrong data.  Regression in 7.3.0.  Main reason for 7.3.2 release
  2. Fixed cluster display issues due to new Language Switching module

V7.3.0 - 13 December 2015

What is new

  1. Language switching using touch, with automatic revert to the main language see here
  2. API for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 based installations see here
  3. API for Google for Work based installations see here
  4. Client for Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) see here and here
  5. New Web UI forms accordion

Fixes and improvements

  1. Minor fix to do with resource names which contain letter accents
  2. Minor update to the iOS App for iPad Pro
  3. Fixed installer error where icons were not loaded and a short cut was wrong
  4. Added new progress pie when making reservations
  5. Added new touch area for unlocking touch displays

V7.2.0 - 22 September 2015

What is new

  1. Enhanced the security options for the single room display to allow more relaxed reservation routine 
  2. Add the ability to modify the messages Door Tablets sends
  3. Updated the client for iOS 9 resolving navigation issues, Domain access and SSL
  4. New Web UI form design
  5. Further update to the on-line quotation tool

Fixes and improvements

  1. Various minor fixes to the Client App
  2. Reduced size of "Demo Server" box allowing functions to show
  3. Fixed a situation in which the "Reserve" function would not show correctly
  4. Fixed an issue with the time remaining for a meeting not showing right away after viewing other rooms

V7.1.0 - 10 September 2015

What is new

  1. New Back-end Server option - read simple text file.  Configure the Door Tablet server to read text files that contain room schedules.  Export data from any system to a very simple text file format and these will appear in Door Tablet clients.  See here.
  2. New client ON-LINE monitoring.  No longer being told by users that a particular tablet is not on or not on the network.  Admin will know first and resolve before anyone notices.  See here
  3. Allowed an option for check-in code to not be offered nor demanded.  Of course this poses a security risk but should be OK for some organisations
  4. Updated the on-line quotation tool

Fixes and improvements

  1. Various minor fixes to the Client App
  2. Improved handling of Slide Shows

V7.0.1 - 7 August 2015

What is new

  1. The main objective for this release was the server support for Windows Store App.
  2. We added the ability to deploy SSL certificates to the server

Fixes and improvements

  1. Fixed Photos/Maps pop up to show HTML in the titles
  2. Replaced the progress pie with a new, and more accurate feature.  This version also uses two images which you can override when branding.
  3. Dramatically reduced the size of many images used by the system

V6.7.0 - 6 July 2015

What is new

We added a number of new features with this release that relate to the front-end application. On the server we added DTSI and automated client logs posts to the server.

Early Check-in
You can now check-in to a meeting five minutes before it begins provided the room is currently free.  This allows for meeting to begin on time without the need to stay outside the door until it actually begins.

QR code
You will see more functionality in the area moving forward but for now we just present a QR code whenever you check-in with the meeting information.  QR codes are a neat way to pass information between tablets and smart phones without the need for any special hardware at either end.

Progress Pies
All of the Door Tablet client pop-ups have a timer which causes the pop-ups to disappear after some time, normally few seconds for simple messages and longer times for assistance requests or check-in confirmations.  The Progress Pies inform the user how long before the time is up, make the user more relaxed, but more focused too.

Door Tablet Standard Interface (DTSI)
Mainly of interest to system administrators who wish to connect Door Tablet to schedulers such as Academic Scheduling systems, Facility Management systems and so on.

Client Logs
All Door Tablet clients will now post logs to the server allowing administrators to monitor the clients behavior and report issues to us.

We added Finnish and Russian translations. In total Door Tablet now runs in 10 languages.  Please remember that you can add your own translations too.

Fixes and improvements

  1. On Android tablets, taping to stop Resume did not work due to the splash screen masking it
  2. We increased the time you can tap on to stop Resume to ten seconds, and reduced the duration of the splash screen
  3. In certain cases Slide Show would not load, or would load slowly
  4. Cluster displays treated ad-hoc reservations as standard reservations causing a different behavior to what was expected
  5. Removed the button which adds a Demo Server Connection if one already added
  6. Upgraded the Slide Show engine
  7. Enabled Slide Show testing using the Web UI on hosts using non-standard HTTP ports (for example 81)
  8. Fixed date/time in shadow reservations when using Google Calendar
  9. Added client logs to the clean-up functions
  10. Improved the client behavior when Resume cannot work due to removed or inactive room
  11. Ensured that Slide Shows do not play while displaying pop-ups in Cluster Display
  12. Improved room synchronization with Office 365 and automatically created neighborhoods based on groups
  13. Improved reporting of connectivity issues when testing a connection with Office 365/Exchange and Google Calendar

V6.5.0 - 14 April 2015

What is new

New display option when making ad-hoc reservations on a Single Room Display, and Cluster Display.  You can now specify the time slots you wish to use so that users just touch the duration, such as 30 minutes, 45 minutes and so on.  This replaces the Slider.  You decides how to label the buttons.  Read more here.

Licensing of Door Tablet installations is now simpler thanks to the introduction of a new Licensing page.  You may now easily deploy and list your license utilization in one place.  The feature is available using the Web UI only.  Read more here.

Added new alerts to the Google Universal Analytics (UA) module in the event it encountered an issue with Analytics which prevents it from continuing to post statistics.

Added new animated Resume display.


  1. Resolved an issue with the new Google Universal Analytics (UA) module where in some cases it stops after End of Day (EOD) processing.  In such cases a manual restart would have been required.
  2. When extending or terminating a meeting the display would not refresh immediately, leaving the impression the function may have not worked, IBM Domino only.
  3. Multiple Extensions were possible for the same meeting, IBM Domino only.
  4. Solved a problem with Redundant Alerts sent to user asking them to Check-in after they have already checked-in.  This happened if a short meeting was canceled and a new one created to replace it.
  5. Fixed screen dimming issue for Apple iPad devices
  6. Removed 1p white column on tablet displays, Android and iOS

V6.3.0 - 11 March 2015

What is new

Integration with Google Universal Analytics (UA).  This is a major development which will transform user's understanding on how their resources are used and will allow manager to change the business rules that govern management of those resources.  This has been long in the making and its finally here. 

Read more about this exciting development here and of course in the help database.

Added ability to restrict the neighborhoods a user can see when looking for free resources.


  1. A major problem with the Door Tablet server surfaced before version 6.2.0 which caused many errors which were not only visible on the console but also affected Door Tablet client performance.  So we changed the way the code works and all these issues were instantly removed.  If you are not using either version 6.2 or this version, please upgrade.
  2. Other minor fixes include an issue with meeting without subject when using MS Exchange and all day events in Google Calendar.

V6.1.0 - 15 February 2015

What is new

  1. New AM/PM date format option in client displays, instead of just the 24h clock
  2. Major improvements to server memory management and stability, for all server technologies
  3. Clients now sent their version number on all calls to the server, thus improving troubleshooting
  4. Completed infrastructure for Google Universal Analytics - actual posting engine to UA to be announced soon
  5. Changed the default single room display to use the Metallic theme.  The existing "standard" one has been renamed "classic"


We fixed some minor bug fixes in the Door Tablet clients.  On the server end we fixed a bug affecting Cluster and Airport displays.

V6.0.2 - 20 January 2015

What is new

We converted all email messages to use the native platform environment.  For example, when connecting to Google Calendar all alerts are sent via Gmail.  When using Exchange, messages are deposited directly to Exchange and do not require any additional routing.  In IBM Domino we drop the messages directly to the router for instant handling.  This ensure messages flow on all platform even when mail routing is not configured on the Door Tablet server.

New infrastructure is being prepared for the near future arrival of integration with Google Universal Analytics.  This is planned for release in V6.1.0.


We worked on improving error handling and dealing with conditions when an Exchange server is overloaded.

V6.0.1 - 8 January 2015

Google Calendar

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new platform for Door Tablet - Google Calendar.  The addition of the platform places Door Tablet in a unique position where it is the only server that supports all of the three scheduling technologies in one product: Microsoft Exchange (and all its variants including Office 365), IBM Domino and of course Google Calendar.  The architecture of the connection is described here.

If you are planning to make the switch to Google Calendar - your Door Tablet investment is secured . No changes are required to the Door Tablet client devices or public displays.

Are you using SalesForce?

SalesForce uses Google Calendar.  Door Tablet, as described above, now integrates with Google Calendar and is consequently compatible with Salesforce.  Please let us know if you use SalesForce and wish to evaluate Door Tablet's integration with it.

Coming up

Our development team is very busy preparing for the next release of Door Tablet.  The focus of the release will be to bring intelligent understanding of resource utilization using Google Universal Analytics.  The team is also hard at work on SMS integration in which Door Tablet will utilize our sister product, smsPULSE.  Stay tuned.

New alerts

When you plan a meeting using a resource (room or desk) in which a check-in is required, if you do not check in on time your booking is removed and the resource becomes free.  This is acceptable if you failed to use the resource but is problematic if you are there and simply forgot to check in.  From this version, Door Tablet will email you a reminder that you need to check in if you have not done so, and it does so a few minutes after the meeting has begun. The reminder to check in applies to both single room displays and cluster displays.

Continuing improvements to Cluster Displays

We fixed a number of issues surrounding the display, including handling of names with underscores (_) and, most importantly, with automatic cancelation of reservations.  We continue to listen to our clients and we are certain users will appreciate our on-going improvements.

Ending 2014 with a bang

Door Tablet was a success in 2014 and we expect to go above and beyond in 2015.  We thank you for your continued interest in Door Tablet and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

For ealier release notes see here