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Browser interface

You can run Door Tablet in any modern browser. Running Door Tablet in a browser allows you to:
  1. Use any PC (that runs a modern browser)
  2. Easily connect to large TV screens
  3. Use low cost or end of life PCs
  4. Use modern touch screens
  5. Connect to a much wider variety of displays
To run Door Tablet on tablets see here Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Obtain the App'

How to connect
Running Door Tablet in a browser requires little effort from you. Just connect to the following address:
The above shows the URL you will be using with IBM Domino. The URL for the Exchange port will be available when the port becomes available.

Full screen
We recommend that you run your browser full screen and ensure that only the browser area shows by clicking on F11, on MS Windows, or use Right Zoom on Macs.

When installed and ready, clicking on the URL will present you with the Login form:

As soon as you Login the normal Door Tablet screen will appear:

Get the server component
You will need to install the Door Tablet server for Exchange or the Door Tablet components for Domino in order to connect to your scheduling system.

Authentication (IBM Domino Only)
Unlike the tablet application, Door Tablet in a browser requires a Username/Password authentication. The application will allow authentication for members of your directory who are listed in the Group: DT_BROWSERS. You need to create this group yourself on your directory and populate it accordingly.