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Harvesting Contacts

From Door Tablet V9.7, the server will harvest contacts from meetings data on your system. This allows significant improvements in speed and accuracy with creating ad-hoc reservations.

Just type
Start typing your name and Door Tablet will get the complete details for you.

You can type the following

  1. The beginning of your name
  2. The user part of your email address
  3. Your employee ID as listed in the Door Tablet users table, or part of it
A look up will be successful if the look-up generates a unique result, even if partial. The look-up is performed 1.5 seconds after you stop typing.

If there is a successful look-up what you typed in the name field will be replaced by the look-up result.

Enabling the Harvester
Door Tablet collects email addresses and names from reservations created on your system. Please note that this feature operates in Door Tablet Enterprise servers only, and is performed by the server add-in.

You control what is collected in the system profile:
  1. Open the System Profile
  2. Expand Meeting Processing

  1. The domain name in your licence is always used by the harvester. The domain name shows in the notes on the right.
  2. You do not have to enable the harvester in order to benefit from the verification process if you import users into Door Tablet.

Clearing all or part of harvested emails
You may remove harvested entries by opening the list of harvested emails, and deleting selected entries. The list of harvested emails and names will show like so:

To delete all entries in one go... issue the server console command:
tell doortablet dh