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Time Zones

When using Microsoft Exchange you will need to set up time zones and change them with the seasons.

Create the zones relevant to your organisation:

Please note that you can accept all the worldwide Zone but we strongly recommend that you clean these out and use just the Zones applicable to your organisation. For example:

You will now be able to tell Door Tablet the Time Zone where the Door Tablet server is running (the Operating System), and the tablets that connect to it.
Please note that you cannot specify Time Zone in the Tablet App.

Please note:
Time Zone may need to change twice a year and Door Tablet Web UI makes it an easy task, particularly if you have a large number of rooms. From the Rooms view, select the rooms you wish to change...

Click on "Change" to set a new Time Zone for each of the selected resources.
The result will look like so:

Note: you do not need to touch the Door Tablet clients when you change Time Zones on the Door Tablet server.