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Directory Synch

Door Tablet makes it easy to connect to your meeting spaces and configure these without making changes to your existing environment. In order to see the meeting spaces when using the Door Tablet application, you need to synchronise Door Tablet with your existing directory. The process takes little time to run but you need to remember to synchronise each time you add or remove a meeting space resource. You do not need to synchronise if a meeting space you are adding will not have a tablet to display its status and it will not feature in any display.

Synchronising Rooms
Before you synchronise your meeting space you must configure the server and connect it to either Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Domino or Google Calendar. You can perform the synchronisation action from:

  1. The Web UI - open the dashboard, then open a room view
  2. The Notes client - open the doors.nsf database (for Notes users only)
  3. The Door Tablet App - just login and you will see the feature

Please note that from version 6.5.1 upward, when you perform this action on Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, Door Tablet will associate meeting space with group names they belong too, thus automatically creating neighborhoods for you.

Web UI
In the Web UI dashboard...

Please note that if you are using Microsoft Exchange you can also create a meeting space manually, just click on

Log on to your server. As you have not synchronised yet, there will be no meeting spaces to show. You will see the following message:

Click "OK" and then click on "Synchronise Rooms". The following message will appear:

Click "Synch". The following image is an example of what you will see:

Editing Rooms for the first time
All your meeting space are inactive. To activate them, click on the code wheel and change the status of the meeting space from "Inactive" to "Active".

Once you have synchronised with the directory you will be able to enable meeting spaces. When a meeting space is enabled you can use it and you can license it, too.