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2-legged Authentication

2-legged Authentication is required to allow the Door Tablet server to authenticate with Google G Suite and access your data. The 2 legged option require a Domain Wide access. To use a stricter access method use 3-legged authentication as it is a user specific access to data.

We are now ready to obtain two of the items required for Door Table. Click on Credentials and Create new Client ID

We will now create a Service Account

We now create a service account key

Note: The Service Account key is now ready and you are prompted to save your Private Key file (P12), you will NOT need this P12 file for use in Door Tablet.

You can review the service account by clicking "Manage service account"

Showing the Service account key. You are now ready to create a Service Account...

The P12 file you saved here will be required by Door Tablet, marked as item 2 (at the very end of this document).

We will now need to pick the Client ID from the Service account.

When you click on View Client ID the following will show.
The Service account email showing here will be required by Door Tablet, marked as item 1 (at the very end of this document).

Setting the Door Tablet server to connect Google

  1. Open the system profile and fill the three items as shown
  2. Before you test your connection for the first time, save the profile
  3. Open the system profile again and click on Check Connection to Google
  4. You can now go to one of the space view and hit Synchronise
Pat your self on the back - you are done

When you hit on the Synchronise button Door Tablet will connect to Google and get all your rooms.


You are now able to open each meeting space, activate and configure as you see fit.

Adding rooms later
You can add meeting space and easily introduce them to Door Tablet. Back in your calendar, set the calendars to be shared with the service account. If you did not pay attention you will not give the service account enough permission to update events:

In such a case, you need to update the entry. If you can edit the entry, remove it and add it again:

And the result...