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Rooms Facilities

From version 4.2 of Door Tablet, you can indicate the kind of facilities available in each meeting space. These facilities are displayed as icons on:
  1. Room display - while the meeting space is available
  2. Schedule displays - next to each meeting space in the neighborhood
  3. Large TV displays - in the same way as on schedule displays but with the ability to suppress the display on selected neighborhood (for example lobby displays)
Facility icons do not show on Welcome displays.

Facilities are set using the following methods:
  1. Door Tablet Web UI
  2. Tablet App
  3. Notes Client (Domino users only)

Setting the facilities in the Web UI...

You may also edit the facilities while using the tablet App itself:

You may also view facilities from a view level like so:

In the view many meeting systems can be seen at the same time...

Facilities are viewed in the Door Tablet status display, as follows:

When checking other meeting spaces, facilities show too:

Please note that when you use large schedule displays, you can suppress the icons from showing at all for certain neighborhoods. To do this please add the neighborhood name to the following list in the system profile...