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Software setup

Setting up Door Tablet to use your sensors is easy. The following is required:
  1. On the system profile record, tell Door Tablet you will be using motion sensors
  2. For each room insert the IP address and the UID you got when setting up the sensors

Please note that you can test connectivity with sensors on your Door Tablet Apps, even without any server set-up.

Update the System Profile

Tell Door Tablet Apps what to do with motions...

Change Meeting space Records

App settings
If you have set-up a meeting space as shown above there is nothing else for you to do. Just open the meeting space. If you wish to either test a sensor or the space is not set-up, you can add setting on the local app, while will override the data from the server. You may also disable sensing in a space if a sensor is not installed but the database indicate there is one. You may also use this feature if more than one display is attached to a meeting space, for example when using pairs in out-of-meeting space and in-meeting space configuration.

Settings you added to the database will show on the app:

Local Settings
Apart from enabling the sensor, you do not have to make changes here but if you like to test the connection fill in the IP address and Unit ID. If you changed the default port used for the connection (4280), add your special port number to end of the IP address, in the standard way, for example

If the Disable motion sensor is ticked, which is the default, un-tick it.

Test connection

Check Sensor is Active
When a meeting space is open you check that a sensor is operational by clicking on the information icon at the bottom of the display. The following will show...

Dead Sensor?
If a sensor is not reachable or not operational for any reason, the following will show: