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From Door Tablet 9.0.5 our system offers new features for Windows Tablets. The tablets currently supported are:
  1. Meeting Machines
  2. WinMate

You can purchase these devices from

The Door Tablet software for these special tablets is available to download from our web site. We provide a single installer that performs the following tasks:
  1. Installs the Door Tablet Device Handler and starts it. This module interacts with the hardware present in the devices listed above, and serve the Door Tablet Windows App
  2. Installs a certificate requires to run the Door Tablet Windows App. This is the same certificate used by Door Tablet in the Windows Store and is verified by Microsoft
  3. Create an exception in the device Network Isolation rules, allowing the Door Tablet Windows App to access the local Device Handler. Without this exception the App could not drive your special hardware
  4. Installs the Door Tablet Windows App - you will be prompted to complete the installation using the App dedicated installer as a "Sideinstall". If the App is already installed and the supplied version is newer, the installer will offer you to update the App.

Run setupwin.exe

The installation is very simple, just accept the defaults...

At the end of the installation the App installer appears.

While the software is installed, the Door Tablet Device Handler will be launched minimised. It looks like this...

The Device Handler is also set to run as a Startup program and will be visible from the task manager.