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Door Tablet uses the concept of neighborhoods to group meeting spaces together. This is useful when:
  1. Displaying the status of a group of meeting spaces, for example, rooms on a floor
  2. Displaying the schedule of a group of meeting spaces on a TV
  3. Displaying welcome messages relating to appointments in a group of meeting spaces on a TV or large monitor
  4. Looking for free space when the current meeting space is busy

Using the Web UI to manage neighborhoods

A neighborhood is created by adding its name to the list of neighborhoods a meeting space belongs to:

You may then add neighborhood configuration by clicking on "Nbr Settings" (see first screen shot)

For Domino users:
Resource Reservations sites
In your Resource Reservations system rooms are defined as part of a Site (or location). In Door Tablet, sites are the default neighborhoods for meeting space.

These are the sites in our demo. The neighborhoods extend sites.

This is what you will see next:

Create your own Neighborhoods
  1. You can create your neighborhood by specifying that a meeting space will belong to that neighborhood
  2. Once you have named a neighborhood you can use it in other meeting spaces without typing the name again, simply select it from a list
  3. A meeting space may belong to a few neighborhoods at the same time.

To add a new neighborhood and simultaneously associate an existing meeting space with that neighborhood, go to the Notes database, click on neighborhoods and double click on any meeting space in any neighborhood you like. Go to "Room Basics" and click on the arrow next to "Room Neighborhoods".

In the Web UI:

In the Notes client:

When you see this screen, type the name of the neighborhood you want this meeting space to be associated with and click "OK":

From the tablet App:

Using Neighborhoods
To use the Neighborhoods you created for either schedule or welcome displays click "Other Displays":

Your screen will change and look like this:

These are the sites that either you have set or have been provided already. Click on "Neighborhood" to view the different neighborhoods. The West Wing is a neighborhood that was added in the database. The two meeting spaces that are shown to be associated in the neighborhood have been manually added. A meeting space may belong to more than one neighborhood.

This is the neighborhood overview in the Notes Client database:

Click on the neighborhood you wish to edit. For a meeting space to be visible in a neighborhood, it must be active.